Chirurgien Americain (France) GO
(A Twentieth Century Surgeon)
A tramp has his body replaced.
The Clown And The Automaton GO
Alternate title for : Gugeusse Et L'Automate

Gugeusse Et L'Automate (France)GO
(The Clown And The Automaton)
A clown meets a mechanical man.
A Hypnotist At Work GO
Alternate title for : Le Magnetiseur

Le Magnetiseur (France)GO
(A Hypnotist At Work)--(While Under The Hypnotist's Influence)
An early hypnotism film.
A Twentieth Century SurgeonGO
Alternate title for : Chirurgien Americain

While Under The Hypnotist's Influence GO
Alternate title for : Le Magnetiseur

The X-Ray FiendGO
Alternate title for : X-Rays

X-Rays (Brit) GO
(The X-Ray Fiend)
Professor points an x-ray at lovers.