At the Signal of the Three Socks GO

The Automatic House GO

The Battle Cry of Peace GO

The Beggar Girl's Wedding (Brit sf?) GO

Beneath the Sea GO

Birth of a Flivver GO

The Black Box (Serial) GO

Blown Upon GO

The Breakdown of the Aeromobiles GO

The Bribe GO

The Broken Coin (Serial) GO

The Case of Becky GO

The Cave Man GO

The Cheval Mystery GO

A Cry in the Night (UK) GO

The Dancing Doll GO

The Deadly Model (Brit sf?) GO

The Devil's Profession (Brit) GO

The Diamond from the Sky (Serial) GO

The Dinosaur and the Missing Baboon GO
The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (Stop-motion) GO

(The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy)--(The Dinosaur and the Missing Baboon)

The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy GO

Le Docteur Tube GO

The Doctor's Secret (Den) GO

The Duel in the Dark GO

Das Dunkle Schloss-Der Hund von Baskerville III (Germ) GO
(Der Hund Von Baskerville: Das Dunkle Schloss)

The Eleventh Dimension GO

Esther Redeemed (Brit) GO

The Eternal Feminine GO

The Experiment GO

The Fatal Formula (Brit) GO

La Folie Du Docteur Tube (France) GO
(Le Docteur Tube)--(The Madness of Doctor Tube)--(The Madness of Dr. Tube)--(Story of a Madman)

God's Witness GO

The Goddess (Serial) GO

The Governess's Love Affair GO
Graft (Serial) GO

The Greater Will GO

Ham and the Experiment GO

Hattie, the Hair Heiress GO

Haunted Hearts GO

The Heart of the Princess Marsari GO

Hearts and Flowers GO

Horrible Hyde GO

The House of the Lost Court GO

How Love Conquered Hypnotism GO
Der Hund Von Baskerville: Das Dunkle Schloss GO
I'm Glad My Boy Grew Up to Be A Soldier GO

An Innocent Sinner GO

Inventing Trouble (UK) GO

The Inventor's Peril GO

The Isolated House GO

Jack Spratt and the Scales of Love GO

The Jungle Lovers GO

The Kite GO

Lady Baffles and Detective Duck (Serial) GO

Let There Be Light GO

Life Without Soul GO

The Madness of Doctor Tube GO

The Madness of Dr. Tube GO
The Mechanical Man GO

The Melody of Doom (sf?) GO

The Mesmerist (UK) GO

Miss Jekyll and Madame Hyde GO

Miss Trillie's Big Feet GO

The Monopolist GO

The Moonstone (sf?) GO

Mr. Jarr's Magnetic Friend GO

The Mysterious Contragrav GO

The Nation's Peril (1915) GO

Neal of the Navy (Serial) GO

The New Adventures of Baron Munchausen (UK) GO

The New Adventures of Terrance O'Rourke (Serial) GO

The New Exploits of Elaine (Serial) GO

The New Governess (Brit) GO
(The Governess's Love Affair)

Niobe GO

One Million Dollars GO

The Other Self GO

La Panna Degli Aeromobili (Italy) GO
(The Breakdown of the Aeromobiles)

The Pawns of Mars GO

Pawns on Mars GO

A Prehistoric Love Story (Brit) GO

The Purple Night GO

The Red Circle (Serial) GO

The Return of Maurice Donnelly GO

The Return of Richard Neal GO

The Romance of Elaine (SF-Adv Serial) GO

The Sable Lorcia GO

Die Sage von Hund-Der Hund von Baskerville IV (Germ) GO

Die Sage von Hund von Baskerville GO
Saved by the Scent GO

The Scenario Editor's Dream GO
The Scenario Writer's Dream GO

(The Scenario Editor's Dream)

A Scientific Mother GO

The Secret Room GO

The Silent Command GO

Sophy and the Faker GO

The Spy's Ruse GO

Stanley in Africa (Serial) GO

The Stolen Voice GO

A Stone Age Adventure (anim) GO

Story of a Madman GO

The Strange Case of Princess Khan GO
(How Love Conquered Hypnotism)

The Strange Unknown GO

Too Much Elixir of Life (sf?) GO

Trilby GO

The Two Natures Within Him (sf?) GO

Under the Crescent (SF-Adv? Serial) GO

Das Unheimliche Zimmer - Der Hund von Baskerville III (Germ) GO

The Vacuum Test GO

Les Vampires (Serial 1915-1916) GO
(Vampires, the Arch Criminals of Paris)--(Vampires)--(Les Vampyres)

Vampires GO
Vampires, the Arch Criminals of Paris GO

Les Vampyres GO

The Ventures of Marguerite (Serial) GO

The Vivisectionist GO

War O' Dreams GO
War of Dreams GO

(War O' Dreams)

Weird Nemesis GO

When East Meets West (Brit) GO

When Souls Are Tried GO

When the Mind Sleeps GO

The Whirling Disk GO

Whoso Diggeth a Pit (UK) GO

Wie Entstand der Hund von Baskerville-Der Hund von Baskerville (Germ) GO
(Die Sage von Hund von Baskerville)

The Wolf Man (sf?) GO

Wooed By a Wildman GO