20,000 Leagues Under the Sea GO

The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring (Serial) GO

The Beggar King GO

Black Magic GO

Blood Tells; or, The Anti-Frivolity League (Brit) GO

The Comet's Come-Back GO

The Comet's Comeback GO
(The Comet's Come-Back)

Crime and the Penalty (UK) GO

The Crimson Stain Mystery (Serial) GO

Curious Pets of Our Ancestors GO

A Daughter of Uncle Sam (Spy Serial) GO

The Dawn of Freedom GO

The Dead Alive GO

The Deadly Gasses GO
Elixir of Life (SF?) GO

Elusive Isabel GO

The End of the World (Dan) GO
(Verldens Undergang)

The Fall of a Nation GO

The Female of the Species GO

The Five Franc Piece GO

The Flying House (anim) GO

The Flying Torpedo GO

The Folly of Sin (Den) GO

Frilby Frilled GO

Les Gaz Mortels (Fran) GO
(The Deadly Gasses)

Die Gebert des Homunculus (Germany) (as below?) GO

The Germ of Mystery GO

Germanic Love GO

The Golem (Dan) GO

Grant, Police Reporter GO

The Great Bet GO
Die Grosse Wette (Ger) GO

(The Great Bet)

The Half-Wit GO

The Hand of Peril GO

Haunted GO

Her Father's Gold GO

Her Surrender (SF?) GO

The Hidden Valley GO

Homunculus (Serial) GO

Homunculus (Germ) (serial) GO
(Homunculus, der Fuhrer (?))--(Homunculus the Leader)--(The Revenge of the Homunculus)--(Die Rache des Homunkulus)

Homunculus GO
Homunculus, der Fuhrer (?) GO

Homunculus the Leader GO

The House on Hokum Hill GO

I Believe (?) GO
If (Brit) GO

In the Diplomatic Service GO

The Intrigue GO

The Iron Claw (Serial) GO

The Island of Surprise GO

Joey's Liar Meter (Brit) GO

Judex (Fran) (Serial) GO

The Lion's Breath (1916) GO

Lola GO
The Love Magnet (1916) GO

The Man Without a Soul (Brit)GO
(I Believe (?))

The Mysteries of Myra (SF-Adv Serial) GO

Nachte des Grauens (Germany) GO
(A Night of Horror)--(A Night of Horror in the Menagerie)--(Night of Terror)

A Night of Horror GO

A Night of Horror in the Menagerie GO

Night of Terror GO

Pearl of the Army (Serial) GO

The Portrait of Dolly Grey (UK) (sf?) GO

Prehistoric Poultry GO

The Prisoner of Carlsten's Fort (Swed) GO

Prof. Wiseguy's Trip to the Moon GO

The Purple Mask (Serial) GO

The Pursuing Vengeance GO

Race Suicide GO

Die Rache des Homunkulus GO

Rays That Erase (Brit) GO

The Regeneration of Margaret GO

The Revenge of the Homunculus GO

R.F.D. 10,000 B.C. (stop-motion) GO

The Ruling Passion GO

Saint, Devil and Woman GO

The Secret of the Submarine (Serial) GO

The Sequel to the Diamond from the Sky (serial) GO

She (Brit) GO

The Shielding Shadow (Serial) GO

Through Solid Walls GO

'Twas Ever Thus GO

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea GO

Verldens Undergang GO
The Wages of Sin GO

The Wheel of Death (UK) GO

Winsor McCay and His Jersey Skeeters GO

The Witch GO

The Witching House GO

With the Spirit's Help GO

Without a Soul GO

The Yellow Menace (Spy-Adv Serial) GO