400 Million Miles From Earth GO

The Adventures of Shorty Hamilton (Serial) GO

The Airship GO

The American Girl (Serial)GO

As in the Days of Yore (Brit) GO

A Bid for Fortune (Brit) GO

Boy Scouts! Be Prepared (Spy Serial) GO

Boy Scouts to the Rescue (Spy Serial) GO

The Cloud Puncher (sf?) GO

The Cross-Eyed Submarine GO

Dark Powers-Grigorii Rasputin and His Associates GO
The Darling of Paris GO

The Diamond Thieves GO

Doomed GO

Easy Street GO

The Fatal Ring (Serial) GO

The Fighting Gringo GO

The Fighting Trail (SF-Adv Serial) GO

Fourteen Million Leagues From EarthGO

Fourteen Million Leagues from the Earth GO
Gertie on Tour (Anim) GO

The Golem and the Dancing Girl GO
Der Golem und die Tanzerin (Germ) GO

(The Golem and the Dancing Girl)

The Great Secret (serial) GO

The Greatest Power GO

The Heaven Ship GO

The Heir of the Ages GO

Her Temptation GO

The Hidden Hand (Serial) GO

Das Himmelskibet (Den) GO
(400 Million Miles From Earth)--(The Airship)--(Fourteen Million Leagues From Earth)--(Fourteen Million Leagues from the Earth)
(The Heaven Ship)--(Himmelskiget)--(A Quatorze Millions de Lieues de la Terre)--(Rejsen Til Mars)-(The Ship of Heaven)
(A Ship to Heaven)--(Sky Ship)--(A Trip to Mars)

Himmelskiget GO

Hound of the Baskervilles GO
Der Hund von Baskerville (Ger) GO

(Hound of the Baskervilles)

The Inspirations of Harry Larrabee GO

The Lost Express (Serial) GO

The Love Doctor GO

The Love Dope GO

The Man of Mystery GO

Morpheus Mike (1917?) stopmo GO

The Mystery Ship (Serial) GO

 The New Mission of Judex GO
La Nouvelle Mission de Judex (Fran)(serial) GO

(The New Mission of Judex)

Patria (Serial) GO

Perils of the Secret Service (Spy Serial) GO

Phantomas (Serial 1917-1919) GO

The Prehistoric Man (Hung) GO
(Prehistoric Poultry)

Prehistoric Poultry GO
Prehistoric Poultry, the Dinornis or Great Roaring Whiffenpoof GO

A Quatorze Millions de Lieues de la Terre GO

Rasputin (Germ) I GO

Rasputin (Germ) II GO

Rasputin, the Black Monk GO

The Red Ace (Serial) GO

Rejsen Til Mars GO

The Secret Kingdom (Serial)GO

She GO

The Ship of Heaven GO

A Ship to Heaven GO

Sky Ship GO

A Sleeping Memory GO

Speed GO

The Submarine Eye GO

Temniye Silj-Grigorii Rasputin I Yevo Spodvizhniki (Russ) GO
(Dark Powers-Grigorii Rasputin and His Associates)

A Trip to Mars GO

The Violet Ray GO

The Voice on the Wire (Serial) GO

Water on the Brain GO

Who Is "Number One" ? (serial) GO

Zeppelin Attack on New York GO