Adventures of Tarzan (Serial) GO

L'Atlantide (Fran) GO
(Lost Atlantis)--(Missing Husbands)

The Case of Becky GO

The Dentist (1921?) anim GO

The Devil's Elixir (Austr) (sf?) GO
(Elexiere des Teufels)

The Diamond Queen (Serial) GO

Doctor Hallin (Austria)GO

Der Dorfgolem (Austria)GO
(The Golem's Last Adventure)--(Des Golems Letzte Abenteuer)--(Des Golems Letztes Abenteuer)

Dr. Hallin (Aust) GO

Elexiere des Teufels GO
The First Man on the Moon (anim) GO

The Golem's Last Adventure GO

Des Golems Letzte Abenteuer GO

Des Golems Letztes Abenteuer GO
The Great Reward (Adv? Serial) GO

Das Grinsende Gesicht (Austr)(sf?) GO
(The Man Who Laughs)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (UK)GO

Hurricane Hutch (Serial) GO

Lost Atlantis GO

Man from Beyond (US)GO

The Man Who Laughs GO
A Message From Mars (US)GO

Miracles of the Jungle (Serial) GO

Missing Husbands GO
The Monster Dog GO
The Mysterious Pearl (Serial) GO

Nan of the North (serial) GO

The Pet (Anim) (US) GO
(The Monster Dog)

The Price of Silence GO

See My Lawyer GO

The Sky Ranger (Serial) GO

Tiger True (sf?) GO

The White Horseman (Serial) GO

The Witching Hour (US) GO

The Yellow Arm (Serial) GO

The Yellow Face (UK) GO