A Blind Bargain GO
(The Octave of Claudius)

Chain Lightning GO

A Dangerous Adventure (Serial) GO

Doctor Mabuse GO

Doctor Mabuse, der Spieler GO

Doctor Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Menschen der Zeit GO

Doctor Mabuse, the Gambler GO
Down Under Donovan (Brit) GO

Dr. Mabuse (Ger) GO
(Inferno)--(King of Crime)--(Menschen der Zeit)

Dr. Mabuse GO

Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler (Germany) GO
(Doctor Mabuse)--(Doctor Mabuse, der Spieler)--(Doctor Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Menschen der Zeit)
(Doctor Mabuse, the Gambler)--(Dr. Mabuse)--(The Great Gambler)--(Der Spieler)

The Dungeon (sf?) GO

Esmeralda (UK) GO
(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Gambling with the Gulf Stream GO

The Great Gambler GO

The Hunchback of Notre Dame GO
Inferno GO

The Jungle Goddess (Serial)GO

King of Crime GO

Die Macht der Finsternis (Germany) GO
(The Power of Darkness)

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow GO

Menschen der Zeit GO
Monster of the Shadows GO

The Octave of Claudius GO
One Too-Exciting Night (sf?) GO

Parema, Creature of the Star-World GO
Parema, Das Wesen Aus Der Sternenwelt (Austr) GO

(Parema, Creature of the Star-World)

Plunder (Serial) (US) GO

The Power of Darkness GO
The Radio King (Serial)GO

The Recoil (Brit) GO

Schatten, Eine Nachtliche Halluzination GO

Silent Evidence (Brit) GO

The Six Napoleons (Brit)(sf?) GO

The Sky Splitter GO

Der Spieler GO

Svengali (Brit) GO

Trilby (UK) GO

Warning Shadows (Ger) GO
(Monster of the Shadows)--(Schatten, Eine Nachtliche Halluzination)

White Eagle (Serial) GO

With Stanley in Africa (Serial) GO

Years to Come GO

Young Diana (US) GO