At the Edge of the World (Germ) GO

Blake of Scotland Yard (Serial) (US?) GO

Charleston (Fran) GO
(Charleston-Parade)--(Sur Un Air de Charleston)

Charleston-Parade GO

Cock O' The Walk GO

The Crimson Flash (Serial)GO

The Day of Souls GO

Erik the Great GO
Flying Elephants GO

The Gorilla (US) GO

The Hypnotist GO
The Isle of Sunken Gold (Serial) GO

King of the Jungle (Serial) GO

Ko-Ko Hops Off (anim US) GO

The Last Performance GO
(Erik the Great)

London After Midnight (US) GO
(The Hypnotist)

The Magician (US) GO

The Masked Menace (Serial) GO

The Mechanical Cow (anim) GO

The Missing Link (UK-US?) GO

The Monkey Talks (US) GO

On Guard (Serial) GO

Painting the Town GO

Perils of the Jungle (Serial) GO

Ramper der Tiermensch (Ger) GO
(Ramper the Beast Man)--(The Strange Case of Captain Ramper)

Ramper the Beast Man GO

Ein Ruckblick un Die Urwelt (1927?) (Germ) GO

The Show (US) GO
(Cock O' The Walk)--(The Day of Souls)

The Silent Flyer (Serial) GO

The Spies GO

Der Spione (Germany) GO
(The Spies)

The Strange Case of Captain Ramper GO
Sur Un Air de Charleston GO
Svengali (Germany) GO

Tarzan and the Golden Lion GO

The Wizard (US) GO

A Woman Redeemed (Brit) GO