Air Hawks (1934)

Another Wild Idea GO

Beast of Borneo GO

Big Calibre GO

The Birth of a Robot (Brit) GO

The Black Cat (US) GO
(The House of Doom (edited))--(The Vanishing Body)

Black Moon (US) GO

Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyGO
(An Interplanetary Battle with the Tiger Men of Mars)

Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back GO

Chandu on Magic Island) GO

Chandu on the Magic Island (edited Return of Chandu) GO

Chandu's Return GO
Double Door (sf?) GO

The Dragon Murder Case GO

Fifteen Wives GO
(The Man with the Electric Voice)

Flirting with Danger GO

The Ghost of John Holling GO
Gift of Gab (sf?) GO

Gold (Fren version) GO

Gold (Germ) GO

Gulliver Mickey (anim) GO

Hell's Fire (anim sf?) GO

Der Hern Der Welt GO

Der Herr Der Welt (Ger)GO
(Der Hern Der Welt)--(Master of the World)--(Ruler of the World)

The House of Doom (Edit) GO
House of Mystery (sf?) GO

An Interplanetary Battle with the Tiger Men of Mars GO
The Inventors (Brit) GO

Life Returns (1934/1938) (US) GO

The Loch Ness Monster GO
Lost Island (US) (Aband) GO

The Lost Jungle (Serial) GO

Love at Second Sight (Brit sf?) GO

The Love Captive GO

The Man with the Electric Voice GO
The Man With Two Faces (US) GO

(The Mysterious Mr. Chautard)

Maniac GO
(Sex Maniac)

Marie Galante (1934)

Master of the World GO

The Medium (sf?) (Brit)GO

The Moonstone (sf?) GO

Murder in the Museum GO

Murder in the Private Car GO

Murder on the Campus (1934) (SF?)

The Mysterious Mr. Chautard GO
The Mystery Liner (US) GO

(The Ghost of John Holling)

Mystery Mountain (serial) GO

Naughty Girl (Ind) GO

Once in a New Moon (Brit) GO

The President Vanishes GO

Radio Parade of 1935 (Brit) GO

The Return of Chandu (Serial) (US) GO
(Chandu on Magic Island)--(Chandu on the Magic Island)--(Chandu's Return)--(The Return of Chandu the Magician)

The Return of Chandu the Magician GO
Return of the Terror (US) GO

Ruler of the World GO
The Secret of the Loch (Brit) GO

(The Loch Ness Monster)

Sex Maniac GO
Shadow of Chinatown (Serial) GO

(Yellow Phantom)

She Reminds Me of You (Anim) GO

The Silver Streak GO

Sulochana (India) GO
(Temple Bells)

Tarzan and His Mate GO

Temple Bells GO
There's Something About a Soldier (anim) GO

The Unholy Quest (UK) GO

The Vanishing Body GO

The Vanishing Shadow (Serial) (US) GO

A Very Honorable Guy (sf?) GO

Die Welt Ohne Maske (Germ) GO
(The World Without a Mask)

The Witching Hour (US) GO

The World Without a Mask GO
Yellow Phantom
You're Telling Me GO

Young Eagles (Serial) GO