The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (Serial) GO

Air Fury GO

Air Hawks (or 1936) GO
(Air Fury)

Another Face (1935?) GO

The Big Broadcast of 1936 GO

The Bride of Frankenstein (US) GO
(Frankenstein Lives Again!)--(The Return of Frankenstein)

Buddy's Lost World (anim) GO

The Call of the Savage (Serial) GO

City of Lost Men GO

The Clairvoyant (Brit) GO
(The Evil Mind)

The Crime of Dr. Crespi GO

Crime of Voodoo GO

Dancing on the Moon (anim) GO

The Dead Speak GO
Death Flies East (1935?) GO

Death From a Distance GO

Drums of the Jungle GO

Drums of the Night GO
The Evil Mind GO
Expert's Opinion (Brit) GO

The Fighting Marines (Serial) (US) GO

Frankenstein Lives Again! GO

Gene Autry and the Phantom Empire GO

Gibel Sensatsy GO
The Golem (sf?) (Fran-Cz) GO

(The Legend of Prague)--(The Man of Stone)

Handle With Care (Brit) GO
(Look Out Mr. Haggis)

The Hangover Murders GO

Der Herrn Der WeltGO
Hollywood Capers (WB anim) GO

The Houghland Murder Case GO
It Can't Happen Here (1935?) GO

The Legend of Prague GO
The Live Wire (1935)

Look Out Mr. Haggis GO
Loss of Sensation (Russ) GO

(Gibel Sensatsy)

Lost City of the Ligurians GO
The Lost City (Serial) (US) GO

(City of Lost Men)--(Lost City of the Ligurians)

The Love Wanga (?) GO
Mad Love (sf?)GO

The Man of Stone GO

The Master of the World (Germ)GO
(Der Herrn Der Welt)

Men with Steel Faces (Feat) GO

Mickey's Garden (anim) GO

The Miracle Rider (Serial) GO
(El Rayo (Mex))

El Misterio del Rostro Palido (Mex) GO
(The Mystery of the Ghastly Face)

Los Muertos Hablan (Mex) GO
(The Dead Speak)

Murder by Television (US) GO
(The Houghland Murder Case)

Murder in the Clouds (1935?) GO

The Mysterious Mr. Wong (US)GO

The Mystery of the Ghastly Face GO

Night Life of the Gods (sf?) GO
(Private Life of the Gods)

The Nitwits GO

Obeah GO

Ouanga (sf?) GO
(Crime of Voodoo)--(Drums of the Jungle)--(Drums of the Night)--(The Love Wanga (?))

The Phantom Empire (Serial) GO
(Gene Autry and the Phantom Empire)--(Men With Steel Faces (Feat))--(Radio Ranch (Feat))

Private Life of the Gods GO
Queen of the Jungle (Serial) (US) GO

Radio Ranch (Feat) GO

El Rayo GO
Remember Last Night?GO

(The Hangover Murders)

The Return of Frankenstein GO

Rip Roaring Riley (1935?) GO

Savage Fury (1935)

Scarlet Pimpernel GO

Secrets of Chinatown GO

She (US) GO

She Shall Have Music (Brit) GO

Streamline Express GO

The Sunshine Makers (anim) GO

Superspeed GO

Tailspin Tommy and the Great Air Mystery (Serial) GO

The Tin Man GO

The Trans-Atlantic Tunnel (Brit) GO
(Transatlantic Tunnel)--(The Tunnel)

Transatlantic Tunnel GO

The Tunnel GO
Two Hearts in Wax Time (sf?) GO

Zingaro (India) (sf?) GO