Ace Drummond (Serial) GO

The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand GO
Atomic RocketshipGO

Bat Men of Africa (Feat) GO

Batmen of Africa (Feat) GO

El Baul Macabro (Mexico) GO
(The Macabre Trunk)

Blind Man's Bluff (Brit) GO

The Brain Snatcher GO

The Brainsnatcher GO
Calling All G-Men GO

Calling the Tune (Brit sf?) GO

Caught by Television GO
The ChemistGO

The Clutching Hand (Serial) (US) GO
(The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand)

Cosmic Vessel GO

Cosmical Passage GO
Darkest Africa (Serial) GO

(Bat Men of Africa (Feat))--(Batmen of Africa (Feat))--(The Hidden City)--(King of the Jungleland)
(In Darkest Africa)

Death from a Distance (1936)

Denera E D'Amore (Ital)GO
(Money and Love)

Devil Doll (US) GO
(The Devil-Doll)--(The Witch of Timbuctoo)--(The Witch of Timbuktu)

The Devil-Doll GO

Doctor Maniac Who Lived Again GO
Dr. Maniac GO

A Face in the Fog GO

Federal Agent (1936?) GO

Fish Tales (anim wb sf?) GO

Flash Gordon (serial) GO
(Atomic Rocketship)--(Flash Gordon: Rocketship)--(Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers)--(Rocket Ship (Feat))--(Rocketship)
(Space Soldiers (TV))--(Spaceship to the Unknown (Feat))

Flash Gordon: Rocketship GO

Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers GO
The Garden Murder Case (US)GO

Ghost Patrol GO

Helivision (US) GO

The Hidden City GO

Hot Money GO
(There's Millions in It)

The Hound of the Baskervilles GO
House of Secrets (US) (sf?) GO

Der Hund von Baskerville (Ger) GO
(The Hound of the Baskervilles)

The Hundred Years to ComeGO

In Darkest Africa GO

The Invisible Ray (US) GO

Jaws of the Jungle (US/Ceylon) GO
(Jungle Virgin)

Juggernaut (UK) GO
(Juggernaut (The Demon Doctor))

Juggernaut (The Demon Doctor) GO
Jungle PrincessGO

Jungle Virgin GO
Kelly of the Secret Service GO

Killers on the Loose (1936) (SF?)

King of the Jungleland GO

King of the Jungleland GO
Kosmitchesky Reis (Russ) GO

(Cosmic Vessel)--(Cosmical Passage)

Life Hesitates at 40 GO

Lost Horizon (or 1937) GO

The Macabre Trunk GO
The Man Who Changed His Mind (Brit) GO

(The Brain Snatcher)--(The Brainsnatcher)--(Doctor Maniac Who Lived Again)--(Dr. Maniac)--(The Man Who Lived Again)

The Man Who Could Work Miracles (Brit) GO

The Man Who Lived Again GO

The Man Who Lived Twice (US) (as above?) GO

Midnight Blunders GO

Money and Love GO
Moonlight Murder GO

Murder of Dr. Harrigan GO

The New Adventures of Tarzan (serial) GO
(Tarzan and the Green Goddess (extra stuff))--(Tarzan and the Lost Goddess)--(Tarzan in Guatemala)--(Tarzan's New Adventure)

Panic in the Air GO

Panic on the Air (as above?)GO

Panic on the Air GO

Phantom of Santa Fe (1936) (SF?)

Plane Dippy (WB anim) GO

The Preview Murder Mystery (US)GO

Revolt of the Demons GO
Revenge of the ZombiesGO

Revolt of the Zombies (as above?) GO
(Revolt of the Demons)

Riders of the Whistling Skull (US)GO

Rip Roaring Riley (1936)

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (Serial) GO
(Robinson Crusoe of Mystery Island (Feat))--(Robinson Crusoe on Mystery Island)--(S.O.S. Clipper Island (Eng))

Robinson Crusoe of Mystery Island (Feat) GO

Robinson Crusoe on Mystery Island GO
Rocket Ship (Feat) GO

Rocketship GO
The Rogues Tavern GO

The Secret Voice (Brit) GO

Shadow of Chinatown (1936)

The Shape of Things to Come GO

Sharad of Atlantis (Feat) GO

The Singing Cowboy GO

Sky Parade  GO

S.O.S. Clipper Island GO

Space Soldiers (TV) GO

Spaceship to the Unknown (Feat) GO

El Superloco (Mexico)GO

Tarzan and the Green Goddess (extra stuff) GO

Tarzan and the Lost Goddess GO

Tarzan Escapes GO

Tarzan in Guatemala GO

Tarzan's New Adventure GO

There's Millions in It GO
Things to Come (Brit) GO

(The Shape of Things to Come)--(Whither Mankind)--(The Hundred Years to Come)

Tim Tyler's Revenge GO

Trapped by Television GO
(Caught by Television)

Truxa (Ger) GO

Undersea Kingdom (Serial) (US) GO
(Sharad of Atlantis (Feat))

The Walking Dead (US) GO

When Knights Were Bold GO

Whither Mankind GO
The Witch of Timbuctoo GO

The Witch of Timbuktu GO
You May Be Next! GO

(Calling All G-Men)--(Panic on the Air)