Les Amours de la Belle Ferronniere GO

Atlantic Flight GO

Beyond the Horizon GO

Bil A Nemoc (Czech) GO
(Skeleton on Horseback)--(The White Disease)

Blake of Scotland Yard (Serial) (US)GO

Bombs Over London GO

Border Phantom GO

Bulldog Drummond at Bay (Brit) GO

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back GO

Bulldog Drummond Escapes GO

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge GO

The Candid Candidate (anim) GO

The Case of the Stuttering Pig (anim WB) GO

Charlie Chan at the Olympics GO

Dangerous Number GO

Dick Tracy (1937) (Feat)

Dick Tracy (Serial) GO

Doctor Syn (Brit) GO
(Dr. Syn, The Pirate)

Don't Get Me Wrong (Brit) GO

Dr. Sin Fang (Brit) GO

Dr. Syn, The Pirate GO

Elephant Boy GO

End of Adventure GO

Eternal Music (India) GO

Fair Warning (1937?) GO

Francis the First (Fran) GO
(Les Amours de la Belle Ferronniere)--(Francois I (?))

Francois I (?) GO

The Gap (Brit) GO

The Girl from Scotland Yard (US) GO
End of Adventure GO

The Great Gambini GO

Der Hund von Baskerville (Germany) GO

I Accuse GO

III-Es Szobaban (Hung) GO
(A III-Es)--(In Room III)--(In Room Three)

In Room III GO

In Room Three GO
International Crime (1937)

J'Accuse (Fran)(SF?) GO
(I Accuse)

Jungle Jim (Serial) GO

Jungle Menace (Serial) GO

King Solomon's Mines GO

The Lion Man GO

Lost Horizon GO
(Lost Horizon of Shangri-La)

Lost Horizon of Shangri-La GO

Love from a Stranger (sf?) GO

The Man Who Made Diamonds (Brit)GO

Married Before Breakfast GO

Midnight Menace (Brit)GO
(Bombs Over London)

Modern Inventions (Dis anim) GO

Mr. Dodd Takes the Air GO

Navy Spy GO

Night Key (US) GO

Non-Stop New York (Brit) GO
Non Stop New York (1937)

Porky's Road Race (WB anim) GO

Radio Patrol (Serial) GO

Reported Missing GO

The Riders of the Whistling Skull GO

Riding on Air GO

Secret Agent X-9 (Serial) GO

Sher-E-Jungle GO

The Ship of the Ether (1937?) Dutch anim sf? GO

Skeleton on Horseback GO

Sky Racket GO

S O S Coast Guard (Serial) (US) GO
(SOS Coast Guard)

SOS Coast Guard GO

Strange Experiment (Brit) GO

Tim Tyler's Luck (Serial) GO

Underneath the Arches (Brit) GO

Vaha (India) GO
(Beyond the Horizon)

The White Disease GO

Zambo (Indian) GO
(Sher-E-Jungle)--(Zambo the Ape Man)

Zambo the Ape Man GO

Zorro Rides Again (Serial) GO