All's Fair at the Fair (anim) GO

Auto Clinic (anim) GO

Banke Sepahi (sf?) GO

The Big Broadcast of 1938 GO

Black Limelight GO
(Footsteps in the Sand)

Boys' School GO
Bulldog Drummond in Africa GO

Bulldog Drummond's Peril GO

Charlie Chan in Honolulu (sf?) GO

The Chess Player GO
Chinatown Nights (Brit) GO

Deadly Ray From Mars (edited) GO

Dick Tracy Returns (Serial) GO

Les Disparus de Saint-Agil (Fran) GO
(Boys' School)--(Mystery at St. Agil)

The Fighting Devil Dogs (Serial) (US)(Feature1943)GO
(Torpedo of Doom (edited))

Flash Gordon (Serial #2?) GO

Flash Gordon: Mars Attacks the World GO

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (or 1939) (Serial same as above?) GO
(Deadly Ray From Mars)--(Flash Gordon: Mars Attacks the World)--(Mars Attacks the World)
(Peril from Planet Mongo)--(Purple Death from Outer Space)--(Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars)

Flight to Fame GO
(Wings of Doom)

Footsteps in the Sand GO

The Gladiator GO

Goonland GO

Have You Got Any Castles (WB anim) GO

Hawk of the Wilderness (Serial) GO
(Lost Island of Kioga (edited))

Hidden Menace (Brit) GO
(Star of the Circus)

If War Comes Tomorrow (Russ) GO

J'Accuse (France) GO
(That They May Live)

Joueur D'Echecs (Fran) GO
(The Chess Player)

Kunwari Or Widhwa (Ind) (sf?) GO

The Lone Ranger (Serial) GO

Lost Island of Kioga GO
Manhattan Shakedown (Can) GO

Many Tanks Mr. Atkins (Brit) GO

Mars Attacks the World (edited feat) GO

Mr. Wong, Detective GO

Mystery at St. Agil GO

Oh, Boy! (Brit) GO

Peril from Planet Mongo (part 2 feat) GO

Popeye in Goonland (anim) GO

Professor Waman (Indian) GO

Purple Death from Outer Space (part 1 feat) GO

Raspoutine (France) GO

Red Barry (Serial) GO

The Secret of Treasure Island (Serial) GO

Sh! The Octopus (US) GO
(Shh! The Octopus)

Shh! The Octopus GO

Sinners in Paradise (1938) (Jungle)

Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars GO
The Spider-Master of Men

The Spider's Web (Serial) (US) GO
(The Spider-Master of Men)

The Spy Ring GO

Star of the Circus GO

Tarzan's Revenge GO

That They May Live GO
Three Missing Links (US) (3 stooges) GO

Tibbet-Ka Jadu GO
Torpedo of Doom (edited) GO
War Eagles (1938-39) (Aband) (US) GO

The Warning (Brit) GO

Wings of Doom GO

Yangrilla (Ind)(sf?) GO
(Tibbet-Ka Jadu)

Young in Heart GO