The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes GO

The Adventures of the Masked Phantom (sf?) GO

Arrest Bulldog Drummond GO

The Bookworm (Anim) GO

Buck Rogers (Serial) (US) GO
(Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe)--(Buck Rogers: Destination Saturn)--(Destination Saturn)--(Planet of Outlaws)--(Planet Outlaws)

Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe GO

Buck Rogers: Destination Saturn GO
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police GO

Calling All Marines (1939?) GO

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island GO

Clouds Over Europe (Brit) GO
(Q Planes)

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur (WB anim) GO

Daredevils of the Red Circle (Serial) GO

Dark Eyes of London (UK) GO
(The Human Monster)

The Death Predicter GO

The Death Predictor GO

Destination Saturn GO

Dick Tracy's G-Men (Serial) GO

Dog Gone Modern (anim) GO

Eternally Yours GO

Face at the Window (Brit)GO

Five Came Back GO

Frontier Pony Express GO

G-Man Jitters (Anim) (US) GO
(Gandy Goose in G Man Jitters)

Gandy Goose in G Man Jitters GO

The Gorilla (US)GO

Gulliver's Travels (anim) GO

Hellevision (sf?) GO

Hidden Power GO

The Hound of the Baskervilles (US) GO

The Human Monster GO

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (US) GO

The Lone Ranger Rides Again (Serial) GO

Mad Men of Europe (Brit) GO

The Man They Could Not Hang (US) GO

Mandrake, the Magician (Serial) GO
(Mandrake the Magician)

Mandrake the Magician GO

Miracles Do Happen (Brit) GO

Le Monde Tremblera (France) GO
(The Death Predicter)--(The Death Predictor)--(La Revolte des Vivants)--(The World Will Shake)

Mr. Wong in Chinatown GO

Mystery Plane GO

Peace on Earth (anim US) GO

The Phantom Creeps (Serial) (US) GO
(The Shadow Creeps)

Pirates of the Skies GO

Planet of Outlaws GO

Planet Outlaws GO
Q Planes GO

Remember? GO

The Return of Doctor X GO

The Return of Dr. X (US) GO
(The Return of Doctor X)

La Revolte des Vivants GO

The Shadow Creeps GO

Sky Pirate GO
(Mystery Plane)--(Tailspin Tommy in Mystery Plane)

Sniffles and the Bookworm (WB anim) GO

Son of Frankenstein (US) GO

Son of Zambo (Ind) GO

S.O.S. Tidal Wave GO

Spies of the Air (Brit) GO

The Sun Never Sets GO

Tailspin Tommy in Mystery Plane GO

Tarzan Finds a Son!GO

Television Spy GO
(The World on Parade)

Torture Ship (US) GO

Trapped in the Sky GO

The World of 1960 GO

The World on Parade GO

The World Will Shake GO
Zorro's Fighting Legion (Serial)GO