Anarbala (sf?) GO

The Ape (US) GO

Band Waggon (Brit) sf? GO

Battle of the Giants GO

Behind the Door GO
Black Friday (US)GO

(Friday the Thirteenth)

The Bookworm Turns (anim) GO

Calling Philo Vance GO

The Cave Dwellers GO

Cave Man GO
Ceiling Hero (WB anim) GO

Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise GO

A Date With Destiny GO
The Deadly Ray from Mars (Feat) GO

The Diabolical Dr. Cyclops GO
Doctor Cyclops

Dr. Cyclops (or 1939) (US) GO
(The Diabolical Dr. Cyclops)--(Doctor Cyclops)

Dr. Satan's Robot (1966 Feat) GO

Drums of Fu Manchu (Serial) (US) GO

Evolution (US) (Aband) GO

The Fatal Hour GO
(Mr. Wong at Headquarters)

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Serial) (US) GO
(The Deadly Ray from Mars)--(Peril from Planet Mongo)--(Perils from the Planet Mongo)(Purple Death from Outer Space)
(Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe)

Flight Command GO

Frankenstein (US) GO

Friday the Thirteenth GO
Gasbags (Brit) GO

Gorilla GO
The Green Archer (Serial) (US) GO

Green Hell GO

The Green Hornet (serial) GO

The Green Hornet Strikes Again (Serial) GO

Hidden Enemy (1940?) GO

Hot Steel (1940?) GO

House of Horror GO

The Invisible Killer GO

The Invisible Man Returns (US)GO

The Invisible Woman (US)GO

Junior G-Men (serial) GO

Kahan-Hai-Manzil (Ind)(sf?) GO

King of the Royal Mounted (Serial) GO
(The Yukon Patrol (Feat))

L'il Abner (sf?) GO

Let George Do It (Brit sf?) GO

The Mad Doctor GO
(A Date With Destiny)

Man and His Mate GO
The Man With Nine Lives (US) GO

(Behind the Door)

The Mark of Zorro GO

Mercy Plane (1940?) GO

Mr. Wong at Headquarters GO
Mr. Wong at Headquarters GO
Murder in the AirGO

The Mysterious Doctor Satan (Serial) (US) GO
(Dr. Satan's Robot (1966 Feat))--(Mysterious Dr. Satan)

Mysterious Dr. Satan GO
Nick Carter in Panama GO
Night Train to MunichGO

One Million B.C. (US) GO
(Battle of the Giants)--(The Cave Dwellers)--(Cave Man)--(Man and His Mate)

Peril from Planet Mongo GO

Perils from the Planet Mongo GO
Phantom RaidersGO

(Nick Carter in Panama)

Purple Death from Outer SpaceGO

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Sky Bandits GO

Renfrew Rides the Sky GO

The Shadow (Serial) (US)GO

Sky Bandits (1940/1938) GO
(Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Sky Bandits)--(Renfrew Rides the Sky)

Son of Ingagi (US) GO
(House of Horror)

Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe GO

Terry and the Pirates (Serial) GO

You'll Find Out GO

The Yukon Patrol GO