The Adventures of Captain Marvel (Serial) GO
(Captain Marvel)--(The Return of Captain Marvel (Reissue))

Atomic Monster GO

Before I Hang GO

The Black Widow GO
The Bloody Inn GO
The Body Disappears (US) GO

(The Black Widow)

Captain Marvel GO

The Case of the Black Parrot (sf?) GO

Chamber of Horrors GO
Charlie Chan in Rio GO

Corsican Brothers GO

Cottage to Let (Brit) GO

Cracked Nuts GO

A Date with the Falcon GO

The Deadly Game GO

Devil Bat GO
(Killer Bats)

The Devil Commands (US)GO
(The Devil Says No)--(When the Devil Commands)

The Devil Said No GO
The Devil Says NoGO
Dick Tracy versus the Phantom Empire GO

Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. (Serial) GO
(Dick Tracy versus the Phantom Empire)--(Dick Tracy vs Phantom Empire(?))

Dick Tracy vs Phantom Empire(?) GO

Don Winslow of the Navy (Serial) GO

The Door With Seven Locks (UK)GO
(Chamber of Horrors)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (US)GO

The Electric Man GO

Goofy Groceries (WB anim)GO

Hellzapoppin GO

Holt of the Secret Service (Serial) GO

The Invisible Ghost GO
(The Phantom Killer)

The Iron Claw (Serial) GO

Jungle Girl (Serial) GO

Jungle Man (1941)
(Drums of Africa)
Killer Bats GO
King of the Texas Rangers (Serial)GO

King of the Zombies GO

Mad Doctor of Market Street (or 1942) GO

The Man in the Cab GO

Man Made Monster (US) GO
(Atomic Monster)--(The Electric Man)--(The Man in the Cab)--(The Mysterious Doctor R)
(Mysterious Dr. R)

Meet Boston Blackie GO

Meet John Doe GO

The Monster and the Girl GO

The Mysterious Doctor R GO

Mysterious Dr. R GO
Mysterious Island (Russ)GO

Old Mother Riley's Ghosts (Brit)GO

Pagal (Ind) GO

 The Phantom Killer GO
La Posada Sangrienta (Mex) sf? GO

(The Bloody Inn)

The Return of Captain Marvel GO
Road to Zanzibar GO

The Rookie Revue (WB anim)GO

Scotland Yard (sf?) GO

Sea Raiders (Serial) GO

Sky Raiders (Serial) GO

South of Panama (1941?) sf?GO

The Spider Returns (Serial) (US)GO

Sweet Spirits of the Nighter (?)GO

Tarzan's Secret Treasure GO

When the Devil Commands GO

Whistling in the DarkGO

(La Revolte des Vivants)