48 Hours GO
Above Suspicion GO

Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Germany) GO
(Baron Munchausen)--(Munchausen)

Adventures of Smilin' Jack (Serial)GO

Adventures of the Flying Cadets (Serial)GO

The Ape Man GO
(Lock Your Doors)

Apeman GO
This is probably the same as The Ape Man (1943).

Baron Munchausen GO
The Baron's African War (Edited) GO

The Batman (Serial) (US)GO
(Batman)--(An Evening With Batman and Robin)

Black Dragons of Manzanar (Edited) GO

Black Dragon of Manzanar (Feat) GO
Boobs in the Night GO

Calling Doctor Death (US) GO
(Calling Dr. Death)

Calling Dr. Death GO

 Captive Wild Woman (US) GO

The Corpse Vanished GO
The Dancing Masters GO

The Dark Tower (UK) GO

Dizzy Detectives GO
(Idiots Deluxe)

Doctor Terror's House of Horrors (US) GO
(Dr. Terror's House of Horrors)

Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (Serial)GO

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors GO
An Evening With Batman and Robin

The Falcon and the Co-Eds (sf?) GO

Falling Hare (anim) GO

Fifth Column Mice (WB anim) GO

Flesh and Fantasy (sf?) GO

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man GO
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (US) GO

(Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man)

G-Men vs. The Black Dragon (Serial)GO
(Black Dragons of Manzanar (Edited))--(Black Dragon of Manzanar (Feat))

The Heavenly Body GO

Henry Aldrich Haunts a House (US) GO
(Henry Haunts a House)

Henry Haunts a House GO
I Walked With a Zombie (US) GO

Idiots Deluxe GO
Jitterbugs GO

Leopard Man (sf?) GO

Lock Your Doors GO
The Mad Ghoul (1943/46?) (US) GO

(Mystery of the Ghoul)--(The Mystery of the Mad Ghoul)

Manhunt in the African Jungle GO
The Masked Marvel (Serial) GO

(Sakima and the Masked Marvel)

Munchausen GO

The Mysterious Doctor (sf?) GO

Mystery of the Ghoul GO

The Mystery of the Mad Ghoul GO
The Mystery of the Thirteenth Guest GO

Once Upon a Time (sf?) GO

The Phantom (Serial) (US) GO

Phantom of the Opera GO

Return of the Ape ManGO

Revenge of the Zombies GO
(The Corpse Vanished)

Sakima and the Masked Marvel (Feat) GO
Secret Service in Darkest Africa (Serial) GO

(The Baron's African War)--(Manhunt in the African Jungle)

So This Is Washington (sf?) GO

Spook Louder (US) (3 stooges) GO

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler GO

Super-Rabbit (WB anim) GO

Tarzan Triumphs GO

Tarzan's Desert Mystery GO

They Got Me Covered (spy) GO

Tiger Fangs (US) GO

Went the Day Well? (Brit) GO
(48 Hours)