The Big Noise GO

Black Arrow (Serial) GO

Black MagicGO

Captain America (Serial) (US) GO
(Return of Captain America)

Chamber of Horrors GO

Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceGO

The Climax (US) GO

Cobra Woman (sf?) GO

Crazy Knights GO
Crime Doctor's Rendezvous GO
Dead Man's EyesGO

The Desert Hawk (Serial) GO

Destiny (US) GO

The Devil's Brood GO

Donald Duck and the Gorilla (anim)GO

The Doom of Dracula GO

Gandy Goose in Ghost Town (Animated) (US) GO

Ghost Crazy (US) GO
(Crazy Knights)

Gildersleeve's Ghost GO

The Girl and the Gorilla GO

Give Us the Moon (Brit)GO

Gorilla GO
The Great Alaskan Mystery (Serial)GO

(The Great Northern Mystery)

The Great Northern Mystery GO
Haunted Harbor (Serial) (US)GO

(Pirate's Harbor)

House of Frankenstein (or 1945) (US)GO
(Chamber of Horrors)--(The Devil's Brood)--(The Doom of Dracula)

The Invisible Man's Revenge (US)GO

It Happened Tomorrow GO

 Jungle Captive (US) GO
(Wild Jungle Captive)

Jungle Girl GO

Jungle Queen GO
Jungle Woman (US)GO

(Jungle Girl)--(Jungle Queen)

The Jungle Woman GO
The Lady and the Doctor GO

The Lady and the Monster (UK)GO
(The Lady and the Doctor)--(The Monster)--(The Monster and the Lady)--(Monster & Tiger Man)
(The Monster's Castle)--(Tiger Man)

The Man in Half Moon Street (US) GO

The Master RaceGO

The Monster GO

The Monster and the Lady GO

Monster & Tiger Man GO
The Monster Maker GO

The Monster's Castle GO

Nabonga (US) GO
(The Girl and the Gorilla)--(Gorilla)--(The Jungle Woman)

The Pearl of Death (US) GO

Pirate's Harbor GO
Rainbow Island GO

Return of Captain America GO

The Return of the Vampire (sf?) GO
(Vampires Over London (?))

The Scarlet Claw (US) GO
(Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Claw)

Shadows in the Night (US) GO
(Crime Doctor's Rendezvous)

She's a Soldier Too (sf?) GO

Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Claw GO
Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman (US) GO

(Sherlock Holmes and the Spiderwoman)--(Sherlock Holmes In Peril)--(Spider Woman)

Sherlock Holmes and the Spiderwoman GO

Sherlock Holmes In Peril GO

Spider Woman GO
Tiger Man GO

The Tiger Woman (Serial)GO

Time Flies (Brit) GO

La Torre de los Siete Jorobados (Sp) GO
(The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks)

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks GO
Vampires Over London (?) GO
The Voodoo Man GO

What's Cookin', Doc? (WB anim) GO

Wild Horse Phantom (1944)

Wild Jungle Captive GO
Zorro's Black Whip (Serial) GO