Accent on Horror GO

L'Arche de Noe GO
The Autopsy GO
The Black Widow (Serial) GO

(Sombra, the Spider Woman (Edited))

Brick Bradford (Serial) GO

Code 645 GO

Cry Wolf (lab sf?) GO

Death in the Hand GO

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (or 1948) GO
(Dick Tracy Meets Karloff)--(Dick Tracy's Amazing Adventure)

Dick Tracy Meets Karloff GO

Dick Tracy's Amazing AdventureGO
Fear in the Night (US)GO

The Feathered Serpent GO

G-Men Never Forget (Serial) GO
(Code 645)

The Gas House Kids in HollywoodGO

Her Husband's Affairs GO

House Hunting Mice (anim WB) GO

Jack Armstrong (Serial) GO

Krakatit (sf?) (Czech)GO

The Long Night (1947?) sf? GO

The Man from 1957 (ed TV?) GO

Nightmare Alley GO

Noah's Ark (Fran) GO
(L'Arche de Noe)

Nothing Venture (Brit)GO

Performance GO

Queen of the Amazon GO

Scared to Death GO
(Accent on Horror)--(The Autopsy)

The Sea Hound (Serial) GO

The Secret Life of Walter MittyGO

Sombra, the Spider Woman GO

Son of Zorro (Serial) GO

Tarzan and the Huntress GO

The Vigilante (Serial) GO

Wot! No Gangsters (Brit) GO