Atom Man vs Superman (US Serial) GO
Lex Luthor, also known as Atom Man, is the enemy in this serial.

Blues Busters GO
One of the Bowery Boys becomes a great singer after a throat operation.

Bomba and the Hidden City GO
Bomba helps a usurped princess.

Captive Girl GO
Jungle Jim protects Joan the Jungle Girl.

Caveman Inki (WB anim) GO
Prehistoric cartoon comedy.

Destination Moon GO
One of the most realistic spaceflight films of the 1950's.

Destinazione Luna GO
Alternate title for : Rocketship X-M

Dick Barton at Bay (Brit) GO
Super spies and death rays.

Don't Say Die (Brit) GO
(Never Say Die)
A gorilla's in the house!

Dopey Dicks (3 Stooges) GO
The Three Stooges fight a cyborg!

The Dragon of Pendragon Castle (Brit) GO
Children befriend a fire-breathing sea monster.

Expedition Moon GO
Alternate title for : Rocketship X-M

Experiment Alcatraz GO
A mad scientist experiments on prisoners.

Fiddlers Three GO
Three people are sent back in time by lightning at Stonehenge.

The Flying Saucer GO
A Secret Service agent investigates a flying saucer in Alaska.

The Flying Saucer Mystery GO
Documentary. To be deleted.

Forbidden Jungle GO
A sort of Jungle Book clone.

Harvey GO
A man's giant rabbit imaginary friend may be real.

Highly Dangerous (Brit) GO
Germ warfare behind the Iron Curtain using insects.

El Hombre Sin Rostro GO
Alternate title for : The Man Without a Face

Hurricane Island GO
A Florida jungle adventure with a hurricane.

Invisible Monster (US Serial ) GO
(The Phantom Ruler)--(Slaves of the Invisible)--(Slaves of the Invisible Monster)
 A serial in which the bad guy can turn invisible.

Johnny In the Valley of the Giants (anim Fran) GO
Johnny and his friends are shrunken by a mad scientist.

King Solomon's Mines GO
Another version of Haggard's adventure tale.

The Lion's Busy (Anim WB) GO
Beaky the Buzzard chases Leo the Lion into space.

Lost Volcano GO
Bomba the jungle boy travels to a lost city in the center of a volcano.

The Man He Found GO
The film that The Whip Hand (1951) was edited from.

The Man Without a Face (Mex)(sf?) GO
(El Hombre Sin Rostro)
Probably a psychological thriller rather than science fiction.

Mark of the Gorilla (US) GO
Jungle Jim and Nazis look for a giant ape.

Never Say Die GO
Alternate title for : Don't Say Die

On the Isle of Samoa GO
A jungle flick, but not science fiction.

The Perfect Woman (Brit)GO
Some date this robot-makes-the-perfect-woman film as 1949.

The Phantom Ruler GO
Alternate title for : Invisible Monster
Pirates of the High Seas (US Serial) GO

Buster Crabbe as Jeff Drake fights a phantom pirate ship.

Prehistoric Woman GO
This is probably an alternate title of Prehistoric Women.

Prehistoric Women GO
Cave women (although they don't really live in caves) find men.

Pygmy Island GO
Another Jungle Jim story with gorillas and pygmies.

Radar Patrol vs Spy King (US Serial) GO
The Spy King tries to stop a radar network from being built around the US.

Radar Secret Service GO

Rocketship X-M GO
(Destinazione Luna)--(Expedition Moon)
A near duplicate of George Pal's Destination Moon where they accidently land on Mars instead of the Moon.

The Rocking Horse Winner GO
Child can predict horse races while riding a rocking horse.

Seven Days to Noon GO

Slaves of the Invisible GO
Alternate title for : Invisible Monster

Slaves of the Invisible Monster GO
Alternate title for : Invisible Monster
Snow Dog GO

Tarzan and the Slave Girl GO

Toto Sceicco GO
Alternate title for : Toto Sheik

Toto Sheik (Ital) GO
(Toto Sceicco)

Toto Tarzan (Italy) GO

The Yellow Cab Man GO