1984 GO

The Atomic Kid GO
Mickey Rooney is hit by an atomic bomb and survives. Ha.

Beyond the Moon (Edited TV) GO

Black Lagoon GO
Blast Off (Edited TV) GO

Boo Moon (3-D anim) GO

The Bowery Boys Meet the Monster GO
Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters GO

(The Bowery Boys Meet the Monster)
Yep, that's what happens.

Cannibal Attack GO

Casino Royale GO
Jimmy Bond is introduced in the first James Bond film.
Child's Play (Brit) GO

Cold Sun (Ed TV) GO

Crash of the Moons (Ed TV) GO

Creature from the Black Lagoon GO
(Black Lagoon)
A half-man-half-fish creature lives in the Amazon river.

Daikaiju No Kaiyei Niman Maru GO

Daikaijû no tai Nimon Mairu GO
Devil Diamond GO

Devil Girl From Mars (Brit)GO
An alien woman holds a Scottish inn hostage.

The Diamond GO

The Diamond Wizard (Brit) GO
(Devil Diamond)--(The Diamond)
A scientist figures out how to make artificial diamonds.

Duel in Space (Ed TV) GO

The Farm of Tomorrow (anim) GO

Godzilla GO

Godzilla, King of the Monsters GO

Gog GO
(Gog, the Killer)
A sequel to Magnetic Monster (1953) with killer robots.
Gog, the Killer GO
Gojira (Jap) GO

(Daikaiju No Kaiyei Niman Maru)--(Daikaijû no tai Nimon Mairu)--(G)--(Godzilla)--(Godzilla, King of the Monsters)
(Kaijû o Gojira)

The Golden Mistress GO

Gorilla at Large GO

Hell and High Water GO

The Hidden Face GO

Inferno in Space (ed TV) GO

Immediate Decision (?) GO

Immediate Disaster GO
The Invisible Avenger

The Invisible Man GO

It Stalked the Monster Floor (monster floor?)GO

It Stalked the Ocean Floor GO
Jivaro GO

Jungle Gents GO

Jungle Man-eaters GO

Kaijû o Gojira GO

Killer Leopard GO

Magnetic Moon (Ed TV) GO

Malaga GO

Man with the Steel Whip (Serial) GO

Manhunt in Space (or 1956) (edited TV?) GO

Menace from Outer Space (Ed TV) GO

Monster from the Ocean Floor GO
(It Stalked the Monster Floor)--(It Stalked the Ocean Floor)--(Monster Maker)
A strange sea monster with one eye is seen off the coast of Mexico.

Monster Maker GO
Naked Jungle GO

OK Nero (Ital) GO

Out of This World (Ed TV) GO

Paris Playboys GO
The Bowery Boys go to Paris to invent rocket fuel. Sort of.

Petit Nuage GO

Phantom of the Rue Morgue GO

Renegade Satellite GO
(The Trial of Rocky Jones)

Return to Treasure Island GO

Riders to the Stars GO
Three men are chosen to catch meteors (asteroids) with their rockets.

Robot of Regalio (ed TV) GO

The Rocket Man GO
An orphan uses a ray gun that forces people to tell the truth.

Roogie's Bump GO

Sabrina GO

Serpent Island GO

Silver Needle in the Sky (Ed TV) GO

The Snow Creature (1954)

Stamp Day for Superman GO

Stranger from Venus (TV?)(Brit) GO
(Immediate Decision (?))--(Immediate Disaster)--(The Venusian)--(Visitor from Venus)
A British version of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Superman and Scotland Yard (1954?) Edited TV GO

Superman and the Jungle Devil (edited TV) GO

Superman Flies Again (edited TV) GO

Svengali (Brit) GO

Target Earth GO
Killer robots from Venus attack the Earth.

Them! GO
Giant ants, mutated by atomic radiation, threaten the Earth.

Tobor the Great GO
Spies try to steal a scientist's plans, but Tobor the robot can save the day.

 Tomei-nigen GO
(The Invisible Man)--(Tomei Ninjen)

Tomei Ningen GO

Tomei Ninjen GO
Trader Tom of the China Seas (Serial) GO

The Trial of Rocky JonesGO

The Venusian GO

Visitor from Venus GO
Yukon Vengeance (sf?) GO