20,000 Leagues Under the Sea GO
(Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
A submarine terrorizes the oceans in the 19th century.

Abominable Snowman GO

Adventures of Captain Africa (Serial)GO

Animal World GO

Artists and Models GO

The Atomic Man (Brit) GO
A radioactive man is found in a river and spawns the mystery of his origins.

Beast Man Snow Man GO

The Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes GO
The Beast with a Million Eyes GO

(The Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes)
An alien attacks people at a dude ranch using the mind control of animals, like cows and chickens.

The Big Comet GO

Bride of the Atom GO

Bride of the Monster GO
(Bride of the Atom)--(The Monster of the Marshes)
A mad scientist conducts experiments in a swamp.

Buruba GO

La Cabeza de Pancho Villa (Mex) GO
(The Head of Pancho Villa)

Carolina Cannonball GO
A girl and her father use an atomic powered trolley.

Case of Poisons GO
Cesta do Praveku (Czech) GO

(Journey to a Primeval Age)--(Journey to the Beginning of Time)--(Voyage to Prehistoric Times)

The Claw Monsters (Feat) GO

Conquest of Space GO
(Mars Project)
The trials and tribulations of a group of people on a space station.

Counterattack of the Monster GO

Counterattack of the MonstersGO
Couples Only (1955)

Creature GO

Creature with the Atom Brain GO
A mad scientist is making remote control atomic zombies.

The Creeping Unknown GO

Cult of the CobraGO

Day the World Ended GO
After nuclear war, a small group of people try to survive in an isolated valley.

Devil Goddess GO

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde GO

El Fantasma de la Opereta (Arg) GO
(The Phantom of the Operetta)

Fire Monster GO

The First Bad Man (anim) GO

The Flying Eye (Brit) GO

The Flying Saucers GO

Gigantis: Fire Monster GO

Gigantis, the Fire Monster GO

Godzilla Counterattacks GO

Godzilla Raids Again GO

Godzilla's Counter Attack GO

Godzilla's Counterattack GO
Gojira No Gyakushu (Jap) GO

(Counterattack of the Monster)--(Counterattack of the Monsters)--(Fire Monster)--(Gigantis)--(Gigantis: Fire Monster)
(Gigantis, the Fire Monster)--(Godzilla Counterattacks)--(Godzilla Raids Again)
(Godzilla's Counter Attack)--(Godzilla's Counterattack)--(Gojira Strikes Again)--(Gojira's Counterattack)
(The Return of Godzilla)--(The Volcano Monster)

Gojira Strikes Again GO

Gojira's Counterattack GO
Good Will to Men (anim US) GO

Half Human GO

Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman GO

The Head of Pancho Villa GO
The Hole Idea (WB anim) GO

Holiday in South Africa GO

Human Beast Snowman (Tran) GO

Hyde and Hare (WB anim) GO

It Came from Beneath the Sea GO
(Monster from Beneath the Sea)
A giant octopus attacks San Francisco.

It's a Dog's Life (sf-fan?) GO

Janne Vangman Och Den Stora Kometen (Swed) GO
(The Big Comet)--(Johnny Vengman and the Big Comet)

Johnny Vengman and the Big Comet GO

Journey to a Primeval Age GO

Journey to the Beginning of Time GO
Jû Jin Yuki Otoko (Jap) GO

(Abominable Snowman)--(Beast Man Snow Man)--(Half Human)--(Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman)
(Human Beast Snowman (Tran))--(Jujin Yuki-Otoko)--(Jujin Yukiotoko)--(The Monster Snowman)
(S)--(The Snowman)
Climbers encounter half-human beings on Mt Fuji.

Jujin Yuki-Otoko GO

Jujin YukiotokoGO

Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea GO
Jumpin' Jupiter (WB anim) GO

Jungle Hell (1955)
(Jungle Boy)
Jungle Moon Men GO

King Dinosaur GO
An expedition is sent to a new planet in our solar system, and it has dinosaurs. The planet... not the expedition.

Kiss Me Deadly GO
Mike Hammer searches for a briefcase with a secret inside.

Lord of the Jungle GO

Man Beast GO
Several people form an expedition to the Himalayas to find the Yeti.

Mangu (Ind) GO

Mars Project GO
Monster from Beneath the Sea GO
The Monster of the Marshes GO
The Monster SnowmanGO

The Night My Number Came Up GO

No Place to Hide (US-Phili)GO

Ori Okeanis Saidumloeba GO

Panther Girl of the Congo GO
Panther Girl of the Kongo (Serial) GO

(The Claw Monsters (Feat))--(Panther Girl of the Congo)

Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1955)

Phantom of the Jungle GO

The Phantom of the Operetta GO

Platillos Voladores GO

Los Platos Voladores (Mex) GO
(The Flying Saucers)

The Poison Affair (Fran) GO
(Case of Poisons)

Quatermass Experiment GO

The Quatermass XperimentGO
(The Creeping Unknown)--(Quatermass Experiment)--(Shock)
An astronaut is not what he seems when he returns to earth.

The Return of Godzilla GO

Revenge of the Creature GO
The sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Shock GO

The Snowman GO

Supersonic Saucer (Brit) GO

Tarantula GO
A giant tarantula runs amok.

Tarzan's Hidden Jungle GO

This Island Earth GO
(War of the Planets)
Humans witness a war between alien factions on another planet.

Three Are Three GO

Thunder Over SangolandGO

Tiapaca GO
Timeslip GO
Tres Eran Tres (Sp) GO

(Three Are Three)--(Tiapaca)
Untamed GO

Utopia GO

Voices GO
The Volcano Monster GO

Voyage to Prehistoric Times GO
War of the Planets