1984 (Brit)GO
A totalitarian government knows all and sees all.

Africa Rie GO

Alias John Preston GO

Amazon Trader GO

The Appearance of Super Giant (?) GO

Around the World In 80 Days GO

The Atomic Man (1956)
Bad Seed GO

The Beast of Hollow Mountain (US-Mex) GO
(La Bestia de la Montaña)--(The Brave One (another film))--(El Monstruo de la Montaña Hueca)--(Ring Around Saturn)
(Valley of the Mists)
It's dinosaurs versus cowboys in a lost valley.

La Bestia de la Montaña GO

Bigger Than Life GO

Black Panther GO

The Black Sleep GO
(Dr. Cadman's Secret)
A drug is used that can simulate death.

Boys Detective Team: Devilish Phantom 20 Faces GO
Boys Detective Team: Phantom Scientist GO
The Brain Machine GO

The Brave One (?) GO

Breakaway (Brit) GO

Calypso GO
Cannibal Island GO

Congo Crossing GO

Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo GO

Crashing Las Vegas GO

The Creature Walks Among Us GO
The final film in the Black Lagoon trilogy.

Curucu, Beast of the Amazon GO

Devil's Commandment (Ital) GO
(I Vampiri)--(Lust of the Vampire)--(The Vampire of Notre Dame)(I, Vampiri)

The Diamond Machine (Fran) GO
(Vous Pigez (?))

Dr. Cadman's Secret GO
Earth vs the Flying Saucers GO

(Invasion of the Flying Saucers)
Invading alien saucers attempt to destroy the world.

Fire Maidens from Outer Space (Brit)GO
(Fire Maidens of Outer Space)--(The Thirteenth Moon of Jupiter)
Descendants from Atlantis are found on Jupiter's 13th moon.

Fire Maidens of Outer Space GO

Flame in the Sky GO
Flucht in Die Tropennacht GO

Forbidden Planet GO
An Earth spaceship lands on Altair-4 to rescue survivors from an earlier expedition.

The Gamma People (Brit)GO

Gorilla GO

Gorunmeyen Adam Istanbul'daGO
Gorunmiyen Adam Istanbulda (Turk) GO

(Gorunmeyen Adam Istanbul'da)--(The Invisible Man in Istanbul)

Hot Stuff GO

The Hunchback of Notre Dame GO

Hurray! Kurama! GO
The Hypnotist (Brit)GO

I Misteri di Parigi GO
I Vampiri GO

Der Ideale Untermieter (WG) GO

Indestructible Man GO
An executed man is revived and then seeks revenge.

Invaders from Space (Jap) GO
(The Appearance of Super Giant (?))--(Rescue from Outer Space (?))--(Spaceman Contro I Vampiri Dello Spazio)
(The Steelman from Outer Space)--(Supah Jaiyanto #1 & #2)--(Super Giant)--(Supah Jaiyanto)--(Super Giant 1)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers GO
(Sleep No More)--(They Came from Another World)
Invaders slowly take over an entire town by replacing all the people.

Invasion of the Flying Saucers GO
The Invisible Man in Istanbul GO
It Conquered the Earth
It Conquered the WorldGO

(It Conquered the Earth)
A Venusian comes to Earth and attempts to conquer using mind control.

Jaguar (1956?) GO

Jungle Boy GO
Jungle Hell GO

(Jungle Boy)
Sabu, the Elephant Boy helps a doctor find a radioactive rock.

Jungle Queen (Ind) GO

Liane, das Madchen aus Dem Urwald GO

Lock up Your Daughters GO

Lust of the Vampire GO

Man from 1997 (1956)
(Book from the Future)
Manfish GO


The Mole People GO
An expedition finds a lost civilization who use mole men as slaves.

El Monstruo de la Montaña Hueca GO

Mysterious Satellite GO

Nestasni Robot GO

Nightmare GO

Not of This Earth (or 1957) GO

Notre Dame de Paris GO
(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)--(I Misteri di Parigi)

One GO

Peril for the Guy (Brit) GO

Phantom from 10,000 Leagues GO
A mutant sea creature kills all who come near a uranium deposit.

Port Afrique GO

Radan GO

Radon GO

Radon: Monster from Sky GO

Radon, Monster from the SkyGO

Rescue from Outer Space (?) GO

Ring Around Saturn GO

Rocket-bye Baby (WB Anim) GO

Rocket Squad (WB anim) GO

Rodan (Jap) GO
(Radan)--(Radon)--(Rodan, the Flying Monster)--(Radon: Monster from Sky (Tran))--(Radon, Monster from the Sky)
(Sora no Daikaijû Radon)
A giant flying reptile attacks Japan.

Rodan, the Flying Monster GO
Safari GO

Satellite in the Sky (Brit) GO
(Flame in the Sky)
The first satellite carries a super bomb into orbit.

Savage Fury GO

Secret of Eternal Night (Russ) GO

The Sharkfighters (sf?) GO

The She Creature GO

She Gods of Shark Reef GO

Shippu! Kurama Tengu (Jap) GO
(Hurray! Kurama!)

Shonen Tantei-dan: Yokai Hakase GO
(Boys Detective Team: Phantom Scientist)

Shonen Tantei-dan: Nijumenso No Akuma GO
(Boys Detective Team: Devilish Phantom 20 Faces)

A Short Vision (Brit anim) GO

Sleep No More GO

Sora no Daikaijû Radon GO
Space Men Appear in Tokyo GO

Spaceman Contro I Vampiri Dello Spazio GO

Starfish Monsters GO
The Steelman from Outer Space GO

Stupor Duck (WB anim) GO

Supah Jaiyanto #1 & #2 GO

Super Giant GO

Super Giant 1 GO

Sword and the Dragon GO

Tajna Vechnoj Nochi GO

They Came from Another World GO

The Thirteenth Moon of Jupiter GO
Uchujin Tokyo Ni Arawaru GO

(Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo)--(Mysterious Satellite)--(Space Men Appear in Tokyo)--(Starfish Monsters)
(Warning from Space)


Untamed Mistress GO

Valley of the Mists GO

The Vampire of Notre Dame GO
Vous Pigez (?) GO

Warning from Space GO
The Werewolf GO

A man is injected with wolf serum and becomes a werewolf.

Who Done It? (Brit) GO

World Without End GO
Four astronauts are accidently sent hundreds of years into the future.

X, the Unknown (Brit) GO
An amorphous blob kills people with intense radiation.