20 Million Miles to Earth GO

27th Day GO
Five people are given the power of ultimate destruction by aliens.

The Abominable Snowman GO

Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas (Brit) GO
(The Abominable Snowman)--(The Snow Creature)
Yet another expedition is launched to find the Yeti.

The Adventure of the Hero in Black (HK sf?) GO

All At Sea (Brit sf?) GO

Amazing Collossal Man GO
A man is caught in an atomic blast and grows to tremendous size.

Amour de poche (Fran) GO
(Girl in His Pocket)--(Nude in His Pocket)
A scientist accidently figures out how to shrink his girlfriend into a tiny statue.

The Astounding She Creature GO

The Astounding She Monster GO
(The Astounding She Creature)--(Mysterious Invader)
A female alien lands on Earth.

Atomic Rulers GO

Atomic Rulers of the World (Jap) GO
(Atomic Rulers)--(The Earth in Danger)--(Invincible Spaceman)--(Kotetsu No Kyogin-Chikyo Metsubo Sunzen)
(Kotetsu No Kyogin-Kaiseiji No Majyo)--(Supah Jaiyanto #3 & #4: Invaders from the Planets)--(Supergiant)

Attack of the Crab Monsters GO
Intelligent mutant crab monsters menace survivors on an island.

Aztec Mummy Vs. the Human Robot GO

Beast from Green Hell GO

The Beast from Space GO

Beginning of the End GO
When giant grasshoppers almost conquered the world.

Birth of Frankenstein GO
Black Scorpion GO

Giant scorpions menace the Mexican countryside.

Blood Is My Heritage GO
Blood of Dracula GO

(Blood Is My Heritage)--(Blood of the Demon)

Blood of the Demon GO
Booby Trap (Brit) GO

Boyhood Daze (anim WB) GO

Boys Detective Team: Mystery of the Beetle GO
Boys Detective Team: Phantom of Iron Tower GO
Boys Detective Team: Phantom's Night Light GO
Boys Detective Team: Return of Phantom 20 Faces GO
The Brain from Planet Arous GO

By Foot, Horse and Sputnik GO

The Carpathian Castle (Rom) GO

El Castillo de los Monstruos GO
Castle of the Monsters (Mex) GO

(El Castillo de los Monstruos)

Chikyu Boeigun (Jap) GO
(Defence Force of the Earth)--(Earth Defense Force)--(Earth Security Force)--(The Mysterians)
Invaders from the Asteroid Belt attack Japan.

The Cosmic Monster GO

Cosmic Monsters GO
The Crawling Horror GO

The Crawling Terror GO
Creature from Green Hell GO
The Curse of Frankenstein (Brit) GO

(Birth of Frankenstein)
One of the first modern Frankenstein films.

The Cyclops GO
In the wilds of Mexico, many mutant creatures are seen, including a one-eyed giant.

Daughter of Dr Jekyll GO

Dead of Laughter GO
The Dead Talk Back GO

The Dead That Walk GO

The Deadly Mantis GO
(The Giant Mantis)--(The Incredible Praying Mantis)
A gigantic praying mantis thaws out and attacks a city.

Decision Against Time (Brit) GO

Defence Force of the Earth GO

The Disembodied GO

A Dog, a Mouse, and a Sputnik (Fran) GO
(By Foot, Horse and Sputnik)--(A Pied, A Cheval et en Sputnik)--(Rocketflight with Hindrance)--(Sputnik)
A confused old man ends up in space somehow.

Dokuro Kyojo (Jap)(sf?) GO
(Masked Terror)

The Dream Machine GO

Earth Defense Force GO

The Earth in Danger GO

Earth Security Force GO

The Electronic Monster (Brit) GO
(The Dream Machine)--(Escapement)--(Zex)--(Zex, the Electronic Fiend)
A mad scientist uses a strange machine for treatment.

Enemy from Space GO

Escapement GO

Fighting Trouble GO

From Hell It Came (Sf?) GO
A mutant tree stump attacks.

The Giant Claw GO
(Mark of the Claw)
A gigantic bird from outer space attacks the Earth.

The Giant Mantis GO

The Giant Ymir GO
Girl in His Pocket GO

The Girl in the Kremlin GO

Hell Creatures GO

H.G. Wells' Invisible Man GO

H.G. Wells' New Invisible Man GO
The Hidden Valley GO
Hold That Hypnotist GO

El Hombre Invisible GO

El Hombre que Logró ser Invisible GO
(H.G. Wells' Invisible Man)--(H.G. Wells' New Invisible Man)--(El Hombre Invisible)--(The Invisible Man)
(Invisible Man in Mexico)--(The New Invisible Man)

Hunchback of Notre Dame GO

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein GO
(Teenage Frankenstein (Eng))GO
Dr Frankestein assembles a teenager from several dead teenagers.

I Was a Teenage Werewolf GO
A troubled teen is injected with a serum and reverts to his werewolf ancestors.

Incredible Petrified World GO
Deep sea divers find a cavern deep underwater.

The Incredible Praying Mantis GO
The Incredible Shrinking Man GO

A shrinking man must face the menaces of being ever smaller.

Invasion of the Hell Creatures GO

Invasion of the Saucer MenGO
(Hell Creatures)--(Invasion of the Hell Creatures)--(Spacemen Saturday Night)
Small aliens menace teens in a small town.

Invincible Spaceman GO

The Invisible Boy GO
(S.O.S. Spaceship)
A supercomputer tries to take over the world.

Invisible Keystone GO

The Invisible Man GO

Invisible Man in Mexico GO

Invisible Man vs The Fly Man GO

L'Isola Stregata Degli Zombies GO

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn GO

Knockout Drops GO
Kotetsu No Kyogin-Chikyo Metsubo Sunzen GO

Kotetsu No Kyogin-Kaiseiji No Majyo GO
Kronos GO

(Kronos, Destroyer of the Universe)--(Kyokutei Tankensen Pora-Bora)
A giant alien robot tries to take over the world by stealing all energy.

Kronos, Destroyer of the Universe GO

Kyokutei Tankensen Pora-Bora GO
The Land Unknown GO

(The Hidden Valley)
A helicopter crashes into a hidden prehistoric arctic valley.

Legend of the Lost GO

Liane, die Weibe Schlavin GO

Lizzie (sf?) GO

Love Slaves of the Amazon GO

Man from 1997 GO

The Man Who Turned to Stone GO
(The Petrified Man)
Very old scientists live on by stealing the life forces of young women.

Man Who Wagged His Tail GO

Man Without a Body (Brit)GO
A terminal man decides to get a brain transplant.

Mark of the Claw GO
Mark of the Vampire GO
Mars and Beyond (anim pseudo-doc) GO

Masked Terror GO

Meteor Monster GO

La Momia Azteca Contra el Robot Humano (Mex) GO
(Aztec Mummy Vs. the Human Robot)--(El Robot Humano)--(The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy)

Monolith GO
The Monolith Monsters GO

A meteor crashes leaving crystals that grow phenomenally when in contact with water.

Monster from Green Hell GO
(Beast from Green Hell)--(Creature from Green Hell)
Giant wasps live in the jungles of Africa.

Monster on the Hill GO
The Monster That Challenged the World GO

Giant killer molluscs menace the Salton Sea.

Mr Krane (edited TV) GO

Muertos de Risa (Mex) (sf?) GO
(Dead of Laughter)

The Murdering Mite GO

The Mysterians GO
Mysterious Invader GO
Nature Girl and the Slaver (1957)

(Jungle Girl and the Slaver)
The New Invisible Man GO

The Night the World Exploded GO
The world is threatened with total destruction by earthquakes.

Not of This Earth GO
(Il Vampiro del Pianeta Rosso)
A nurse finds out that she is working for a vampire from outer space.

Nude in His Pocket GO
Outer Space Jitters GO

Pepito and the Monster GO
Pepito Y El Monstruo (Mex)(sf?) GO

(Pepito and the Monster)

The Petrified Man GO
A Pied, A Cheval et en Sputnik GO

Quatermass 2  (Brit)GO
(Enemy from Space)--(Quatermass II)--(Quatermass II: Enemy from Space)--(Quatermass Two)
A professor discovers that something strange is going on in Britain when top secret installations there are run by unknown people.

Quatermass II GO

Quatermass II: Enemy from Space GO

Quatermass Two GO
Red Nightmare (1957?) GO

El Robot Humano GO

The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy GO
Rocketflight with Hindrance GO

The Saga of the Viking GO

The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent GO

She Devil GO
A terminal woman is injected with a serum that cures her, but makes her evil.

Shonen Tantei-dan: Kabutomushi No Youki GO
(Boys Detective Team: Mystery of the Beetle)

Shonen Tantei-dan: Nijumenso No Fukushu GO
(Boys Detective Team: Return of Phantom 20 Faces)

Shonen Tantei-dan: Tetto No Kaijin GO
(Boys Detective Team: Phantom of Iron Tower)

Shonen Tantei-dan: Yako No Majin GO
(Boys Detective Team: Phantom's Night Light)

Shonen Tanteidan-Kabutomushi No Yoki & Tetto No Kaijin (Jap) GO
(Twenty Faces)

Silent Death GO
The Snow Creature
S.O.S. Spaceship GO
Spacemen Saturday Night
Spook Chasers GO

Sputnik GO
The Story of Mankind GO

The Strange World of Planet X GO
(The Cosmic Monster)--(Cosmic Monsters)--(The Crawling Horror)--(The Crawling Terror)
Experiments in the English countryside result in lots of mutants.

Supah Jaiyanto #3 & #4: Invaders from the Planets GO

El Super Flaco (Mex) GO

Supergiant GO

Supergiant GO

Supergiant: Alien's Magic Castle GO
Supergiant: Chikyu Metsubo Sunzen GO

(Supergiant: Last Minutes of the Holocaust)

Supergiant: Jinko Eisei To Jinrui No Hametsu GO
(Supergiant: Satellite & the End of the Human Race)

Supergiant: Kaiseijin No Majou GO
(Supergiant: Alien's Magic Castle)

Supergiant: Last Minutes of the Holocaust GO
Supergiant Returns GO
Supergiant: Satellite & the End of the Human Race GO
Tarzan and the Lost Safari GO

Teenage Frankenstein GO
Teenage MonsterGO

(Meteor Monster)--(Monster on the Hill)
A meteor mutates a boy into a hairy creature.

Tokyo No Tekisasu-Jin (Jap) GO
(Knockout Drops)

Tomei-Ningen To Hae-Otoko (Jap) GO
(Invisible Man vs The Fly Man)--(The Murdering Mite)--(Tomeiningen To Haiotoko)--(The Transparent Man and the Fly Man)

Tomeiningen To Haiotoko GO

The Transparent Man and the Fly Man GO

Twenty Faces GO
Twenty Million Miles to Earth GO

(20 Million Miles to Earth)--(The Beast from Space)--(The Giant Ymir)
A small creature is brought back from Venus and begins to grow very fast.

Undersea Monster GO

The Unearthly GO
A mad doctor works on immortality.

The Unknown Terror GO
A mad scientist uses a fungus to make monsters.

Vampire GO
(It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn)--(Mark of the Vampire)
A doctor accidently takes pills that turn him into a blood-thirsty monster.

Il Vampiro del Pianeta Rosso GO
The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent GO

(The Saga of the Viking)--(The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent)
(Undersea Monster)--(Viking Women)

Viking Women GO

Voodoo Island GO
(L'Isola Stregata Degli Zombies)--(Silent Death)

Voodoo Woman GO
A scientist tries to make the perfect woman.

Walk into Hell GO

White Huntress GO

Woman Eater (Brit) GO
A man-eating plant that eats women can produce a life extending serum.

Zex GO

Zex, the Electronic Fiend GO
Zoku Supergiant GO

(Supergiant Returns)

Zombies of Mora Tau GO
(The Dead That Walk)