Beginning of the End (1957)


Okay. I'm gonna choose a monster for my next film. Something scary. Something dangerous. Something unspeakable! A giant insect maybe. I know! A giant grasshopper!
 Well that's what the makers of this film thought would be scary. They even gave them sharp teeth on the movie poster. Grrrrr!! Giant grasshoppers are not scary. A bit grotesque sometimes, but not scary. And the special effects give new meaning to the word special. Using real grasshoppers seemed like a good choice. Heck, build a few cardboard sets for them to walk on, tell everyone to look at the rear screen projection and scream, I has to work. It's even better when the grasshoppers walk off the cardboard buildings onto the cardboard sky.
 It sucks from one end to the other. I really like Peter Graves, but this is a seriously bad film. It has soldiers running around screaming and shooting, people running around and screaming, grasshoppers running around and screaming. Well not exactly screaming. Kind of chirping. Oh yeah, and my favorite thing in a movie. The grasshoppers cannot be killed by bullets. Why? Because then the military would've just blown the crap out of them and the movie would've ended very quickly. Do I expect any less from Bert I Gordon?
 Our heroes end up drowning the grasshoppers in Lake Michigan. Does it matter how?
 2 Stars out of 10