80 Leguas por el Amazonas GO

Akuma No Keshiin, and Kingdom of Poison Moth (?) GO

Ansiktet GO

L'Araignee Vampire GO
Attack from Space GO

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman GO
(Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman)
An alien causes a woman to grow to huge size.

Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman GO
Attack of the Puppet PeopleGO

(The Fantastic Puppet People)--(Six Inches Tall)
A toymaker shrinks people to doll size.

Baran GO

Baran: Monster from the East GO

Beautiful Women and Liquid Man (Tran) GO

Beauty and the Liquidman GO

Beyond the Flame Barrier GO

Bijo To Ekitai Ningen GO
(Beautiful Women and Liquid Man (Tran))--(Bijo to Ekitainingen)--(Beauty and the Liquidman)--(The H-Man)

Bijo to Ekitainingen GO

Bijoto Ekitai-NinjenGO
The Blob

(Daughter of Horror (fake film?))--(The Molten Meteor)
A blob comes from a meteor and devours everything.

The Blood of the Vampire (Brit) GO
A vampire becomes a mad scientist to save himself.

Boys Detective Team: Invisible Phantom GO
Boys Detective Team: Man Without a Head GO
The Brain EatersGO

(The Brain Snatchers)--(The Keepers)--(Keepers of the Earth)
Parasites from the center of the Earth control people.

Brain from Planet ArousGO
An alien brain controls people mentally.

The Brain Snatchers GO

The Bride and the Beast GO
(Queen of the Gorillas)

Buhne Frei Fur Marika GO
Cage of Doom

Claws of Satan (Jap) GO
(Majin No Tsume)

The Colossus of New York GO
A man's brain is kept alive in the body of an android.

Cosmic Monsters (1958)

The Crawling Eye GO

Creature from Another World GO

The Creature from Galaxy 27 GO

Creatures from Another World GO

The Creeping Eye GO
Curse of the Faceless ManGO

An Etruscan gladiator is preserved as living stone for 2000 years.

Daikaijû Baran GO
(Baran)--(Baran: Monster from the East)--(The Great Monster Baran)--(Great Supermonster Baran (Tran))--(The Monster Baran)
(The Monster Varan)--(Varan the Unbelievable)
A sort of cross between Godzilla and Rodan.

Danger Vient de L'Espace GO

Daughter of Horror (Fake film?) GO
The Day the Sky Exploded (Ital-Fran) GO

(Danger Vient de L'Espace)--(Death Comes from Outer Space)--(Death Comes from Space)
(La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio)

The Deadly Invention GO

Death Comes from Outer Space GO

Death Comes from Space GO
Deep Freeze GO

Destination Nightmare GO

The Destruction of the Space Fleet GO

The Diabolical Invention GO

Diamond Safari GO

Dokuga Okoku (?) GO

Doomsday for DysonGO

Earth vs. the Giant Spider GO

Earth vs the SpiderGO
(L'Araignee Vampire)--(Earth vs. the Giant Spider)--(The Spider)
A giant spider attacks a small town.

The Egg GO
Evil Brain from Outer Space (1958-1959) (Jap) GO

(Akuma No Keshiin, and Kingdom of Poison Moth (?))--(Dokuga Okoku (?))
(Supah Jaiyanto #7, #8, & #9: Uchu Kaijin Shutsugen, the Devil Incarnate(?))--(Super Giant)

The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Czech) GO
(The Deadly Invention)--(The Diabolical Invention)--(Face the Flags)--(Invention for Destruction)--(Invention of Destruction)
(Journey of the Jules Verne)--(Vynalez Zkaky)--(Weapons of Destruction)--(Wynalez Zkazy)
A Czech compilation of several Jules Verne stories.

The Face GO
Face the Flags GO

The Fantastic Puppet People GO

Fear of the Mummy (Jap sf?) GO

Fiend without a Face (Brit)GO
Invisible radioactive creatures suck out people's brains.

First Spaceship on Venus GO

The Flame Barrier GO
(Beyond the Flame Barrier)--(It Fell From the Flame Barrier)
A satellite crashes in the jungles of Mexico and a strange monster runs amok in the area.

The Fly GO
A teleportation experiment goes very wrong when a fly accidently enters the apparatus. 

The Flying Eye GO
Frankenstein GO

Frankenstein 1960 GO

Frankenstein 1970GO
(Frankenstein)--(Frankenstein 1960)--(Frankenstein 1976 (?))
The descendant of the original Dr Frankenstein decides to continue the Family business.

Frankenstein 1976 (?) GO
Frankenstein's Daughter GO

(She Monster of the Night)
The son of Frankenstein tries to make a female monster.

From the Earth to the MoonGO
An adaptation of Jules Verne's novel.

Gekko Kamen GO
(Moon Mask Rider)--(Moonbeam Mask)

Gekko Kamen GO

Gekko Kamen: Dai Ni-bu GO
(Moonbeam Mask Part 2)

Gekko Kamen Satan No Tsume GO
(Moonbeam Mask: Satan Nails)

Giant from the Unknown GO
A giant Spanish conquistador revives and attacks nearby people.

The Girl from 5,000 A.D. GO

Gorille vous Salve Bien GO

Grave Robbers from Outer Space GO
The Great Monster Baran GO

Great Supermonster Baran (Tran) GO
Grip of the Strangler GO

The H-Man GO
Half a Loaf... (Jap) GO


Hare-Way to the Stars (anim WB) GO

The Haunted Strangler (Brit)(sf?) GO
(Grip of the Strangler)--(Stranglehold)

How to Make a Monster GO
A make-up artist at a film studio uses hypnotism to save his job and his monsters.

I Married a Monster from Outer Space GO
A man on his way to his wedding is exchanged for an alien.

The Immoral Mr Teas GO

Invention for Destruction GO

Invention of Destruction GO
Invisible Avenger GO

A film about the pulp hero The Shadow.

The Invisible Man GO
It Fell From the Flame Barrier
It! The Terror from Beyond Space GO

(It)--(It! The Vampire from Beyond Space)--(The Terror from Beyond Space)
After a landing on Mars, a spaceship crew realizes that something has gotten aboard.

It! The Vampire from Beyond Space GO

Jinko Eisei To Jinrui No Hametsu GO

Journey of the Jules Verne GO

Kalosze Szczescia GO
The Keepers GO

Keepers of the Earth GO
Kumo-otoko GO

(Rampo's Spider Man)--(Spider Man)

Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold GO

Lost Missile GO
A 1,000,000 degree object flies over the Earth burning everything beneath it.

Lucky Boots (Pol) GO
(Kalosze Szczescia)

Magician (sf?) (Swed) GO
(Ansiktet)--(The Face)

Majin No Tsume GO
Man in the Moonlight Mask (Jap) GO

(Gekko Kamen)--(The Moonbeam Man)

Man-Eater GO

Manhunt in the Jungle GO

Maya Manidhan (Ind)(sf?) GO

Milczaca Gwiazda GO

Missile to the Moon GO
A sort of remake of Cat Women of the Moon (1953).

Molczaci Krzydla GO

The Molten Meteor GO
The Monster Baran GO

The Monster from Galaxy 27 GO
Monster in the NightGO

Monster of Piedras Blancas (1958)
Monster on the Campus GO

(Monster in the Night)--(Stranger on the Campus)
The blood of an ancient fish, regresses various animals and people.

The Monster Varan GO

Moon Mask Rider GO

The Moonbeam Man GO
Moonbeam Mask GO
Moonbeam Mask Part 2 GO
Moonbeam Mask: Satan Nails GO

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio GO

Most Dangerous Man Alive GO
(The Steel Monster)
A gangster literally becames a man of steel.

Munchausen in Africa GO

Mystery in the Mine (Brit) (Serial) GO

Night of the Blood Beast GO
(The Creature from Galaxy 27)--(The Monster from Galaxy 27)
After a rocket crashes on its return from space, the pilot is not what he seems.

Night of the Ghouls GO

No Time for Sergeants GO

Out of the Darkness GO

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958) GO
(Grave Robbers from Outer Space)
Aliens use the walking dead to invade the Earth.

Planet of the Dead GO

Prehistoric WorldGO

Prehistoric World out of the Darkness GO
Pre-Hysterical Hare (WB anim) GO

Professor GO

Quatermass and the Pit GO

Queen of Outer Space GO
(Queen of the Universe)
Zsa Zsa Gabor is found to be living on Venus.

Queen of the Gorillas GO
Queen of the Universe GO
Ramadal (Phili) GO

Rampo's Spider Man GO

The Revenge of Frankenstein (Brit) GO
The sequel to The Curse of Frankenstein (1957).

Revenge of the Colossal Man GO

Santo Contra Hombres Infernales GO
(Santo vs. the Infernal Men)

Santo vs. the Infernal Men GO

Der Schweigende Stern (Pol-EG) GO
(First Spaceship on Venus)--(Milczaca Gwiazda)--(Molczaci Krzydla)--(Planet of the Dead)--(The Silent Star)
(Spaceship Venus Does Not Reply)--(Der Stille Stern)
A multinational crew flies to Venus to investigate a lost civilization.

She Demons GO
Nazis practice mutating women on a volcanic island off of Florida.

She Monster of the Night GO
Shonen Tantei-dan: Kubinashi-otoko GO

(Boys Detective Team: Man Without a Head)

Shonen Tantei-dan: Tomei Kaijin GO
(Boys Detective Team: Invisible Phantom)

The Silent Star GO

Six Inches TallGO
Space ChildrenGO

(The Egg)
Children are mentally influenced by an alien to commit sabotage.

Space Master X-7 GO
(Spacemaster X-7)
A blood fungus from outer space attacks people.

Spacemaster X-7 GO
Spacemen Appear

Spaceship Venus Does Not Reply GO
The Spider

Spider Man GO
Spy in the Sky (1958) (Warren 1)

The Stage Is Cleared for Marika (Ger) GO
(Buhne Frei Fur Marika)

The Steel Monster GO
Der Stille Stern GO
Stranger on the Campus
Stranglehold GO
Supah Jaiyanto #5 & #6: The Sinister Spaceship GO

Supah Jaiyanto #7, #8, & #9: Uchu Kaijin Shutsugen, the Devil Incarnate(?) GO

Super Giant GO

Super Giant 6 GO
Super Giant 7
Super Giant Against the Satellites GO

The Super He-Man (Mex) GO
(El Supermacho)

Supergiant GO

Supergiant: Appearance of Space Phantom GO
Supergiant: Crash of the Mothership and Satellite GO
Supergiant: Uchu Kaijin Shutsugen GO

(Supergiant: Appearance of Space Phantom)

Supergiant: Uchutei To Junko Eisei No Gekitotsu GO
(Supergiant: Crash of the Mothership and Satellite)

El Supermacho GO
Tales of FrankensteinGO

Tarzan and the Trappers GO

Tarzan Do 5o Esquerdo (Spelling?) GO

Tarzan's Fight for Life GO

Teenage Cave Man GO
(Out of the Darkness)--(Prehistoric World)--(Prehistoric World out of the Darkness)--(Teenage Caveman)
A teenage caveman is curious about what goes on outside his valley.

Teenage Caveman GO
Terror from 5,000 A.D. GO
The Terror from Beyond Space GO

Terror from the Year 5000 GO
(Cage of Doom)--(The Girl from 5,000 A.D.)--(Terror from 5,000 A.D.)
Scientists find out how to bring objects and creatures from the future.

The Terror Strikes GO
The Thing That Couldn't Die GO

Three Treasures GO

Tomei Kaijin GO
(The Invisible Man)

Toto in the Moon (Ital-Sp) GO
(Toto Nella Luna)

Toto Nella Luna GO
The Trollenberg Terror GO

(The Crawling Eye)--(Creature from Another World)--(Creatures from Another World)--(The Creeping Eye)--(The Flying Eye)
An alien menace is at an Austrian mountain resort.

Tuko Sa Madre Cacao (Phili) GO

Uchu Kaijin Shutsugen GO
(Spacemen Appear)--(Super Giant 7)

Uchutei To Jinko Eisei No Gekitotsu GO
Uchutei to Jinko Eisen No Kekitotsu (Jap) GO

(Destruction of the Space Fleet)--(Super Giant 6)--(The Destruction of the Space Fleet)--(Jinko Eisei To Jinrui No Hametsu)
(Supah Jaiyanto #5 & #6: The Sinister Spaceship)--(Super Giant Against the Satellites)--(Supergiant)
(Uchutei To Jinko Eisei No Gekitotsu)

Varan the Unbelievable GO

Vynalez Zkaky GO

War of the Colossal Beast GO
(Revenge of the Colossal Man)--(The Terror Strikes)
The sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man (1957).

War of the Satellites GO
A rocket from space is a warning for Earth to stop trying to leave the planet.

Weapons of Destruction GO

The Wild Women of Wongo GO
A sort of cave woman movie.

Wynalez Zkazy GO

Yoku GO
Zarex (Phili) GO