Plan 9 From Outer Space (1958)


Frequently, this film gets credit for being the worst film of all time. It's not even the worst Science Fiction film of all time. Poor Ed Wood. He couldn't even get that right. The special effects are not that bad, they just kind of don't exist. I've seen worse flying saucers. The plot isn't even that bad in general. In specific, it has some serious problems.
 The gist of this film is that aliens are trying to invade the Earth, and they've tried several times before. Not necessarily eight times, as many reviewers have said. The villian simply says that he is trying Plan 9. Plan 9 is apparently raising an army of the dead to attack humanity. Not a bad plan, if you can do it. Unfortunately, the "army" is Vampira, Tor Johnson, and the already deceased Bela Lugosi. Yes, already deceased. He had died two years previously during the filming of another Ed Wood classic and that footage was used.
 So several people are mutilated in this cemetary and yet our heroes casually lounge around their back porch near sundown right next to the cemetary! Hello! There's a mad killer in the graveyard, why are you chatting on the back porch?
 The dialog is pretty bad as well. At one point one of the aliens has a hissy fit and yells that humans are "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Good comeback, Einstein.
 And the flying saucer interior is pretty sad. It consists of a couple of card tables with radio equipment on top.
 This is not the worst SF movie of all time, but it's pretty bad.
 2 Stars out of 10