The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock GO

The 4-D Man GO

4D Man GO
The Alligator People GO

A scientist experiments on alligators in the bayou.

Anak Ng Kidlat GO
The Angry Red Planet GO

(Invasion of Mars)--(Journey to Planet Four)
An expedition lands on Mars and finds alien creatures there.

Argonauts GO

Arzt Ohne Gewissen GO

L'Assedio di Siracusa GO
Les Astronautes (Fran anim) GO

Atomic Agent (Fran) GO

The Atomic Sub GO
The Atomic Submarine GO

(The Atomic Sub)
Aliens are living underwater and an atomic sub must stop them.

Attack of the Blood Leeches GO

Attack of the Giant Leeches GO
(Attack of the Blood Leeches)--(Demons of the Swamp)--(The Giant Leeches)--(She Demons of the Swamp)
Leech creatures attack people in a Florida swamp.

Attack of the Jungle Women GO

The Attack of the Killer Shrews GO
Bat GO

Battle Beyond the Sun (Russ) GO
(The Heavens Call)--(Nebo Zowet)

Battle in Outer Space GO

Beast from Haunted Cave GO
(Creature from the Cave)
Gangsters face off against a cave-dwelling spider monster.

The Bee Girl GO

The Behemoth GO
Behemoth, Sea Monster GO

Beyond the Time Barrier (1959)

The Black Pit of Dr. M. (sf?) GO

Blood Creature GO

Blood on His Lips GO
Bombas Para la Paz (Sp) GO

(Bombs for Peace)

Bombs for Peace GO
The Boy Detectives (Jap) GO

(Shonen Tanteidan)
Boys Detective Team: The Enemy Is a Nuclear Submarine GO
The Brain That Wouldn't Die GO

(The Head That Wouldn't Die)
A scientist keeps his girlfriend's head alive and looks for a replacement body.

Caltiki the Immortal Monster (Ital-US) GO
(Caltiki, the Undying Monster)
A blob eats human sacrifices.

Caltiki, the Undying Monster GO
La Cara del Terror GO

Cerebro Del Mal (Cuba) GO
(Santo Against the Diabolical Brain)--(Santo vs el Cerebro del Mal)--(Santo Contra el Cerebro Diabolico)

Chamak Chandni (Ind) GO

City of Fear GO

Cosmic Man GO
An alien made of something like anti-matter lands in the desert.

Creature from Blood Island GO

Creature from the Cave GO

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy GO
Dans le Filet du Sadique GO

Daughter of Lightning (Phili) GO
(Anak Ng Kidlat)

The Day New York Was Invaded GO

Day the Earth Froze (1959) (Not SF)

Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe GO

Demons of the Swamp GO

Destination Space GO

Doctor Without Scruples GO

The Doctor's Horrible Experiment GO

Dokuga OkokuGO
(Kingdom of Poison Moth)--(Super Giant 9)

Dr. Satan (Pakistan) GO
(Dr. Shaitan)

Dr. Shaitan GO
Ein Toter Hing Im Netz GO

El Espectro de Televicentro (Mex sf?) GO

The Evil Force GO

Experiment in Evil GO

Eyes in Outer Space GO

Eyes Without a Face GO

Face of Fear GO
Face of Terror (Sp) GO

(La Cara del Terror)--(Face of Fear)

First Man into Space (Brit) GO
(Satellite of Blood)
After a spacecraft crash lands, a blood-thirsty monster terrorizes the area.

Forbidden IslandGO

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (sf? or jungle?) GO

Four-D Man GO
(The 4-D Man)--(4D Man)--(The Evil Force)--(Four-Dimensional Man)--(Master of Terror)
A scientist discovers how to make objects insubstantial.

Four-Dimensional Man GO

Fright GO

The Gargon Terror GO

Gekko Kamen GO

Gekko Kamen Akuma No Saigo GO
(Moon Mask Rider: Last of the Devil)--(Moon Mask Rider, Last of the Devil)

Gekko Kamen Kaiju Kong GO

Gekko Kamen - Kaiju Kongu GO
(Gekko Kamen Kaiju Kong)--(Moonbeam Mask: Monster Kong)

The Giant Behemoth (Brit) GO
(The Behemoth)--(Behemoth, Sea Monster)
A radioactive paleosaurus causes destruction in England.

The Giant Gila Monster GO
A giant gila monster kills people in a small town.

The Giant Leeches GO

Girls of Spider Island GO

The Gory Creatures GO
Great Space War (Tran)
Green Mansions GO

Have Rocket, Will Travel GO
The Three Stooges go to Venus.

Head (Ger) GO
(A Head for the Devil)--(Die Nackte Und der Satan)--(The Naked and Satan)--(The Screaming Head)
A human head is kept alive with a special serum.

A Head for the Devil GO

The Head That Wouldn't Die GO
The Heavens Call GO

Hideous Sun Demon GO
(Blood on His Lips)--(The Sun Demon)--(Terror from the Sun)
Radioactive isotopes cause a man to devolve.

The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus (Fran-Ital) GO
(Eyes Without a Face)--(House of Dr. Rasanoff)--(Occhi Senza Volto)--(Das Schreckens des Dr. Rasanoff)
(Les Yeux Sans Visage)
A surgeon practices face transplants.

Horror in the Midnight Sun GO

Horrors of Spider Island (Ger-Yugo) GO
(Dans le Filet du Sadique)--(Ein Toter Hing Im Netz)--(Girls of Spider Island)--(In Het Net Van de Sadist)
(It's Hot in Paradise)--(Le Mort dans le Filet)
Plane crash survivors are menaced by mutant spiders on an island.

Horrors of the Black Museum (Brit)(sf?)GO
Hideously violent murders are caused by a man with Dr Jekyll's formula.

The Hound of the Baskervilles (Brit)GO
A ghostly hound menaces the Baskerville family.

House of Dr. Rasanoff GO

In Het Net Van de Sadist GO

Insect Woman GO

Invaders from the SpaceshipGO

Invasion of Mars GO

The Invasion of the Animal People GO

Invasion of the Gargon GO

Invasion of the Star Creatures (1959/1961) GO
(The Star Creatures)

Invisible Invaders GO
Invisible aliens use dead people to send a message of peace, and then try to kill everybody.

Island of Lost Women GO
A slightly mad scientist lives on an island with three beautiful daughters.

It Started with a Kiss GO

It's Hot in Paradise GO

Ja Byl Sputnikom Solntsa GO

Journey to Planet Four GO
Journey to the Center of the Earth GO

(A Trip to the Center of the Earth)
Entering a dormant volcano, explorers walk to the center of the Earth.

Journey to the Lost City GO

Kalabog and Bosyo (Phili) GO
(Kalabog en Bosyo)

Kalabog en Bosyo GO
The Killer ShrewsGO

(The Attack of the Killer Shrews)
Giant killer shrews are on the rampage!

Killers of Kilimanjaro GO

Kingdom of Poison Moth GO

Kyofu GO

Kyofu: Manster GO
(Kyofu)--(Manster)--(Nightmare)--(The Split)--(The Two-Headed Monster)
A man mutates a second head.

Let's Not Lose Our Heads (Ital) GO
(Non Perdaimo La Testa)

Das Letzte Geheimnis GO

Li'l Abner GO

Lou Costello and His 30 Foot Bride GO

Lunch on the Grass GO
La Maldicion de la Momia Azteca (Mex) GO

(The Curse of the Aztec Mummy)

The Man in Rue Noir GO

The Man in Rue Noire GO
Man in the Moonlight Mask GO
The Man Who Could Cheat Death (Brit)GO

(The Man in Rue Noir)--(The Man in Rue Noire)
A man lives a very long time by using gland transplants and serums.

Manster GO
Master of Terror

Masters of Venus (Serial) GO

Mermaids and Sea Robbers (Jap)(sf?) GO
(Ningyo Shoten)

The Monster Gorilla (Jap) GO
(Gekko Kamen)--(Man in the Moonlight Mask)--(Moonlight Mask)

The Monster of Piedras Blancas GO
A monster terrorizes southern California.

The Monster Strikes (sf?) GO
(Zarkoff -- Half Man, Half Beast)

Moon Mask Rider, Ghost Gang's Counterattack GO

Moon Mask Rider: Ghost Gang's Counter Attack GO

Moon Mask Rider: Last of the Devil GO

Moonbeam Mask: Monster Kong GO

Moon Wolf GO

Moonlight Mask GO

Le Mort dans le Filet GO

Mouse That Roared (Brit) GO
(The Day New York Was Invaded)
A very small European country invades the US and wins the war.

Mr. Biddle's Crime Wave (c1959)(TV) GO

Die Nackte Und der Satan GO

The Naked and Satan GO
La Nave de los Monstruos (Mex) GO

(The Ship of the Monsters)

Nebo Zowet GO
Nightmare GO

Ningyo Shoten GO
Non Perdaimo La Testa GO
Occhi Senza Volto GO

On the Beach GO
After a nuclear war the survivors wait for the fallout to kill them.

Picnic in the Grass (Fran) GO
(Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe)--(Lunch on the Grass)

Please Don't Touch Me GO

Prince of SpaceGO

Privat Klinik Professor Lund (West Germ) GO
(Arzt Ohne Gewissen)--(Doctor Without Scruples)--(Das Letzte Geheimnis)

Return of the Fly GO
The sequel to The Fly (1958).

Return of Supergiant: Kingdom of Poisonous Moth GO
Return of Supergiant: Transformation of the Devil GO

The Risk (1959)

Rymdinvasion i Lappland (1959) GO
(Horror in the Midnight Sun)--(The Invasion of the Animal People)--(Space Invasion from Lapland)--(Space Invasion of Lapland)
(Terror in the Midnight Sun)
A spaceship crashes in Lappland and  releases an angry giant.

Santo Against the Diabolical Brain GO

Santo Contra el Cerebro DiabolicoGO
Santo vs el Cerebro del Mal GO
Satellite of Blood GO
Das Schreckens des Dr. Rasanoff GO

The Screaming Head GO
The Secret Bride of Candy Rock
Seigneurs de la ForetGO

She Demons of the Swamp GO

The Ship of the Monsters GO
Shonen Tantei-dan: Teki Wa Genshisenkoutei GO

(Boys Detective Team: The Enemy Is a Nuclear Submarine)

Shonen Tanteidan GO
The Siege of Syracuse (Ital-Fran) GO

(L'Assedio di Siracusa)
Science fiction only in that Archimedes' death ray is used in it.

Sky Calls GO

S.O.S. Pacific (1959)

Space PrinceGO
Space Invasion from Lapland GO

Space Invasion of Lapland GO
The Split GO

The Star Creatures GO
The Sun Demon GO
Super Giant 9
Tarzan, the Ape ManGO

Tarzan's Greatest Adventure GO

The Teenage Frankenstein Meets the Teenage Werewolf GO

Teenagers from Outer Space GO
(The Gargon Terror)--(Invasion of the Gargon)
Mean teenagers from space terrorize the Earth. Kind of.

Terror Is a Man (US-Phili) GO
(Blood Creature)--(Creature from Blood Island)--(The Gory Creatures)
An uncredited filming of The Island of Dr Moreau

Terror from the Sun GO

Terror in the Midnight Sun GO

Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier GO

The Testament of Dr. Cordelier (Fran) GO
(The Doctor's Horrible Experiment)--(Experiment in Evil)--(Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier)

Thirty Foot Bride of Candy Rock GO
(The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock)--(Lou Costello and His 30 Foot Bride)--(The Secret Bride of Candy Rock)
A girl grows to be 30 feet tall.

The Tingler GO
Fear causes a creature inside us all to grow.

A Trip to the Center of the EarthGO

Tweet and Lovely (WB anim) GO

The Two-Headed Monster GO
Uchu Daisenso (Jap) GO

(Battle in Outer Space)--(Great Space War (Tran))--(World of Space)
Aliens living on the Moon attack Earth.

The Ugly Duckling (Brit) GO

Virgin Sacrifice GO

Voodoo Factor GO

Wasp Woman GO
(The Bee Girl)--(Insect Woman)
An anti-aging formula causes mutations in a woman.

Watusi GO

World of Space GO
The World, the Flesh, and the Devil GO

Several people are the only survivors of a nuclear war.

Les Yeux Sans Visage GO

Yurei-to No Gyakushu (Jap) GO
(Moon Mask Rider: Ghost Gang's Counter Attack)--(Moon Mask Rider, Ghost Gang's Counterattack)

Yusei Oji GO
(Invaders from the Spaceship)--(Prince of Space)--(Space Prince)

Zarkoff -- Half Man, Half Beast GO
Zoku Supergiant: Akuma No Keshin GO

(Return of Supergiant: Transformation of the Devil)

Zoku Supergiant: Dokuga Ookoku GO
(Return of Supergiant: Kingdom of Poisonous Moth)