Beast from Haunted Cave (1959)


Most movie monsters fall into one of two categories; There are the giants who rampage around in broad daylight crushing their victims by the hundreds, and then there are the smaller monsters who sneak around the countryside gobbling up one or two people at at time.  Beast From Haunted Cave falls into the latter category.  This film was produced by Roger Corman's less successful brother Gene, but it still contains all the low-budget goodness you expect from the Corman name.  The beast looks like a half-finished giant spider and is composed of a shaggy body, two wooly spider legs, and a head made from a mass of wigs with two flashlight eyes.  Its preferred method of attack is to sneak up behind its prey and poke or lightly smack them with a wooly leg, causing them to scream and fall down.
The monster is upset with a group of bank robbers who dynamited the mine in which it lived.  All they wanted to do was divert the attention of the police while they pulled a heist, but instead they invoked the wrath of the beast which spends the rest of the film tracking them down and leg-poking them.  Their troubles are compounded by the fact that they've decided to lay low for a while in a remote cabin deep in the mountains, just a stone's throw from the monster's winter cave.
The plot doesn't hold any surprises, and the acting and camera work are about what you'd expect from this kind of film (although there's some nice footage of caverns and snow covered mountains).
It's an average film made of average parts, so it gets an average five out of ten.