Atom Age Vampire (1960)


Great actors, captivating story, and fine special effects - They're all missing from Atom Age Vampire. Instead, this horribly dubbed 1960 Italian import gives us an obsessive scientist, his lovely devoted lab assistant, a mute simpleminded groundskeeper... and no vampires.

 The plot revolves around the scientist's attempt to use a radioactive serum to restore the beauty of a disfigured exotic dancer.  Every time the serum begins to wear off he must slip his patient another sleeping pill before she sees herself.  Then he must kill another young woman to harvest certain glands required for the treatment and repeat the original procedure.  Eventually the police notice mutilated bodies piling up around them and the chase is on.

 Keep your expectations low and you'll get through this moderately bad snoozer in one piece.
 I give it a three out of ten.