The Abominable Snow Rabbit GO

The Absent Minded Professor GO
A professor invents a substance that defies gravity.

Alakazam the Great (sf?)GO
The Amphibians GO

Antinea GO
Antinea, L'Amante Della Citta Sepolta GO

L'Atlantide GO
(Antinea)--(Antinea, L'Amante Della Citta Sepolta)--(Atlantis, City Beneath the Desert)--(Journey Beneath the Desert)
(Lost Kingdom)--(Queen of Atlantis)

Atlantis, City Beneath the DesertGO

Atlantis, the Lost Continent (US-Brit) GO
The continent of Atlantis is a land of super-science.

The Atomic Monster: The Beast of Yucca Flats GO

Los Automatas de la Muerte GO

The Avenger (1961)

Babes in Toyland (sf?) GO
El Baron del Terror GO
Baron Munchhausen GO

Baron Prásil (Czech) GO
(Baron Munchhausen)--(The Fabulous Baron Munchausen)--(The Original Fabulous Adventure of Baron Munchausen)

The Beast of Yucca Flats GO
(The Atomic Monster: The Beast of Yucca Flats)--(Girl Madness)
Tor Johnson mutates into a killing machine.

Born of the Wind GO

The Brainiac (Mex) GO
(El Baron del Terror)

La Cabeza Viviente (Mex)(sf?) GO
(The Living Head)

Daikaijû MasuraGO

The DamnedGO

The Day the Earth Caught Fire (Brit)GO
(The Day the Sky Caught Fire)
The Earth is tilted off its axis and hurtling towards the Sun.

The Day the Sky Caught FireGO

The Day the Sky Fell In (Brit) GO

Doctor Blood's Coffin (Brit) GO
(Dr. Blood's Coffin)
A scientist, probably insane, works on reviving the dead.

Dr. Blood's Coffin GO

Einstein Is to BlameGO

Everything's Ducky (sf?)GO

The Fabulous Baron Munchausen GO

FBI Contro Dr. MabuseGO
The Flight That Disappeared GO

(The Flight That Vanished)

The Flight That VanishedGO
Frankenstein, el Vampiro Y CiaGO
Frankenstein, the Vampire, & Co. (Mex) GO

(Frankenstein, el Vampiro Y Cia)

Giant of Metropolis (Ital) GO
(Gigante di Metropolis)--(Metropolis)--(Il Misterio di Atlantide)

Gigante di Metropolis GO

Girl Madness GO

Gorgo (Brit) GO
(The Night the World Shook)
A giant dinosaur-like creature is taken to London and havok plays out.

The Green Archer (sf?) GO

Hands of a Killer GO

The Hell of Frankenstein GO

Hercules and the Captive WomenGO

Les Hommes Veulent Vivre!GO
The Honeymoon Machine GO

I was a Teenage GorillaGO

Im Stahlnetz des Dr. MabuseGO

In the Steel Net of Dr. MabuseGO

The Incredible Face of Dr. B (c1961)(Arg?)(sf?)GO

El Infierno de Frankenstein GO

Invasion from a PlanetGO

Invasion of the Neptune Men GO
Invasion of the ZombiesGO

The Invisible Man (Mex) GO
(The Invisible Men)--(Los Invisibles)

The Invisible MenGO

Los InvisiblesGO
Journey Beneath the DesertGO

Journey to the Bottom of the SeaGO

Jules Verne's Mysterious IslandGO

Konga (US-Brit) GO
(I was a Teenage Gorilla)
A giant ape terrorizes London.

Last War GO

The Living HeadGO
Lost Kingdom GO

Magic Spectacles GO
A man finds glasses that make clothes invisible.

Man from the First CenturyGO

Man in Outer Space (Czech) GO
(Einstein Is to Blame)--(Man from the First Century)--(Man of the First Century)--(Muzz Prvniho Stoleti)

Man of the First Century GO

Man Wants to Live! (Fran-Ital) GO
(Les Hommes Veulent Vivre!)

The Man With the Yellow EyesGO

Master of the World GO
A genius tries to take over the world using a huge flying weapon.


Il Misterio di AtlantideGO
The Mole Men Battle the Son of Hercules GO

(Mole Men vs. the Son of Hercules)

Mole Men vs. the Son of HerculesGO
The Monster With Green EyesGO

The Monster With Yellow EyesGO
Le Monstre Aux Yeux VertsGO

Il Mostro Dagli VerdiGO

Mosura GO
(Daikaijû Masura)--(Mothra)

Mothra GO

Las Mujeres Vampiros GO

Muzz Prvniho StoletiGO
My Son, the Hero GO

Mysterious Island (Brit)GO
(Jules Verne's Mysterious Island)
Soldiers ride a balloon to an island where strange creatures threaten their existence.

Neutron Against the Death Robots GO

Neutron vs. the Death Robots (Mex) GO
(Los Automatas de la Muerte)--(Neutron Against the Death Robots)--(Robots of Death)

The Night the World ShookGO

The Original Fabulous Adventure of Baron Munchausen GO
Orlak, El Infierno de Frankenstein GO
Orlak, the Hell of Frankenstein (Mex) GO

(The Hell of Frankenstein)--(El Infierno de Frankenstein)--(Orlak, El Infierno de Frankenstein)

The Phantom Meets the Return of Dr. Mabuse GO
The Phantom Planet GO

A man lands on an asteroid and is shrunken.

I Pianeti Contro Di NoiGO
Planets Against Us (Ital-Fran-Germ) (Fran-Ital) GO

(Hands of a Killer)--(The Man With the Yellow Eyes)--(The Monster With Green Eyes)--(The Monster With Yellow Eyes)
(Le Monstre Aux Yeux Verts)--(Il Mostro Dagli Verdi)--(I Pianeti Contro Di Noi)

Queen of Atlantis GO
Reptilicus GO

A giant reptilican monster attacks Denmark.

Return from the Beyond (Mex sf?)GO

The Return of Dr. Mabuse (Ger) GO
(FBI Contro Dr. Mabuse)--(Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse)--(In the Steel Net of Dr. Mabuse)
(The Phantom Meets the Return of Dr. Mabuse)

Road to Hong Kong (US-Brit) GO
(Road to the Moon)
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope face spies and aliens.

Road to the MoonGO

Robots of Death GO
The Saint Against the Vampire Women

Santo Against the ZombiesGO

Samson vs. the Vampire WomenGO
El Santo Contra las Mujeres Vampiros (Mex) GO

(Las Mujeres Vampiros)--(The Saint Against the Vampire Women)--(Samson vs. the Vampire Women)
(El Santo Contra Las Vampiras)--(El Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiros)--(Superman Contre les Femmes Vampires)

El Santo Contra Las VampirasGO

Santo Contra los MonstruosGO

Santo Contra los Zombies (Mex) GO
(Invasion of the Zombies)--(Santo Against the Zombies)--(Santo Contra los Monstruos)--(Santo Vs. the Zombies)

El Santo vs. las Mujeres VampirosGO

Santo Vs. the ZombiesGO
Sekai Dai SensoGO

Sekai Daisenso GO
(Last War)--(Sekai Dai Senso)
A nuclear war pretty much destroys the Earth.

The Snake Woman (sf?) GO
A serum creates a mutant snake baby.

Space Chief GO

Space Greyhound GO

Super Sonic Space Plane GO
Superman Contre les Femmes Vampires
Terror of the Tings GO

These Are the Damned (Brit) GO
(The Damned)--(Hallucination)

Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece (Fran) GO

Uchu Kaisoku-sen (Jap) GO
(Invasion from a Planet)--(Invasion of the Neptune Men)--(Space Chief)--(Space Greyhound)--(Super Sonic Space Plane)

Undersea City GO

Underwater City GO
(The Amphibians)--(Undersea City)
This shows the trials and tribulations of an underwater city.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea GO
(Journey to the Bottom of the Sea)
A high tech submarine must save the world from complete destruction.
What a Carve Up (1961) (SF?)

(No Place Like Homicide)