50,000 B.C. (Before Clothing) GO

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds GO
Arms of the Avenger GO

Astro Boy GO

The Atomic Brain (1963)
Atoragon: Flying Supersub GO

Atragon GO

Atragon the Supersub GO
The Attack of the Mushroom People GO

Beyond the Stars GO
The Birds GO

(Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds)

Blue Demon (c1963) (Mex) GO
(El Demonio Azul)

Castle of Terror GO

Der Chef Wunscht Keine Zeugen GO
The Children GO

Children of the Damned (or 1964) (Brit) GO
(The Children)--(The Children Return)

The Children Return GO
The Corpse-Makers GO

The Crawling Hand (sf?) GO

Curse of the Haunted Forest GO

Curse of the Mushroom People GO

Curse of the Yellow Snake GO

El Demonio Azul GO
I Diavoli di Spartivento GO

Dr. Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde GO

Dr. Mabuse Vs. Scotland Yard GO

A Dream Come True GO
Dummy of Death GO

Dungeon of Horror GO

The Fighting Legions GO
First Steps to the Moon GO

The Flaming City GO

Flying Supersub Atoragon GO

Forbidden Femininity (Ital) GO
(Sexy Interdit)--(Sexy Probitissimo)--(Sexy-Super Interdit)

Fort Alesia GO

From Russia With Love GO
James Bond goes to Russia to help a girl defect.

Fungas of Terror GO

Fungus of Terror GO
Les Geants de Rome GO

Gigantes Interplanetarios GO

Gigantes Planetarios GO
Giants of Rome (Ital-Fran) GO

(Fort Alesia)--(Les Geants de Rome)--(I Giganti di Roma)

I Giganti di Roma GO

Gigantor GO

Girl from Beneath the Sea GO
The Hangman of London GO

The Haunted Palace GO

Hell-Face (Mex) GO
(El Rostro Inferno)

Der Henker von London GO
Hipnosis GO

Horror at Party Beach GO
(The Horror of Party Beach)--(Invasion of the Zombies)

The Horror of Party Beach GO

Hypnosis (Sp-Ital-WG) (sf?) GO
(Dummy of Death)--(Hipnosis)--(Nur Tote Zeugen Schweigen)

Ikarie XB-1 GO

Ikarie XB 1 - Za Dve Ste Let Kongem Cervna GO
Incredible Mr. Limpet GO

Don Knotts devolves into a fish overnight.

Invasion of the Zombies GO
The Invisible Man GO

The Invisible Terror GO
Iron Man 28 GO

Ironman Number 28 GO
La Jetee GO

(The Pier)

A Jolly Bad Fellow GO
Judex (Fran-Ital) GO

(L'Uomo In Nero)

Just for Fun (Brit) GO

Kaitei Gunkan GO
(Atoragon: Flying Supersub)--(Atragon)--(Atragon the Supersub)--(Flying Supersub Atoragon)--(Undersea Battleship)
(Underwater Battleboat)

Ken the Wolf Boy GO
King Kong Tai Godzilla GO

King Kong Tai Gojira GO

King Kong vs Frankenstein GO
King Kong vs. Godzilla (see 1962)(Jap) GO

(King Kong Tai Godzilla)--(King Kong Tai Gojira)--(King Kong vs Frankenstein)--(King Kong vs Prometheus)
(Kingukongu Tai Gojira)

King Kong vs Prometheus GO

Kingukongu Tai Gojira GO

Lady of the Shadows GO
Lord of the Flies GO

Mad As a Mars Hare (WB) GO

The Mad Executioners (WG) (sf?) GO
(The Hangman of London)--(Der Henker von London)

Man with the X-Ray Eyes GO

Mantango GO

Matango (Jap) GO
(The Attack of the Mushroom People)--(Curse of the Mushroom People)--(Fungas of Terror)--(Fungus of Terror)--(Mantango)
(Matango: Fungus of Terror)--(Matango the Fungus of Terror)

Matango: Fungus of Terror GO

Matango the Fungus of Terror GO
Meshte Nastreshu (Russ) GO

(A Dream Come True)

Mighty Atom GO
The Mind Benders (Brit) GO

(The Pit)

Misadventures of Merlin Jones GO

Monster of Venice GO

Mostra di Venezia GO
Mouse on the Moon (Brit) GO

(A Rocket from Fenwick)

Mummy vs. The Human Robot (sf-fan Mex) GO

Nathaniel Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales GO
Neutron and the Black Mask GO

Neutron, El Enmascarado Negro GO
Neutron, the Black-Masked (Mex) GO

(Neutron and the Black Mask)--(Neutron, El Enmascarado Negro)

Night Tide (1963/1961) GO
(Girl from Beneath the Sea)

No Survivors, Please (West Germ) GO
(Der Chef Wunscht Keine Zeugen)

Nur Tote Zeugen Schweigen GO

The Nutty Professor GO
(Dr. Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde)
A goofy professor mutates into a suave jerk.

Nylon Noose (WG)(SF?) GO
(Die Nylonschlinge)

Die Nylonschlinge GO
The Odessa File GO

Okami Shonen Ken (1963-1965) Jap Anim TV (86ep) GO
(Ken the Wolf Boy)

Omicron (Ital) GO
(Monster of Venice)--(Mostra di Venezia)

Pasi Spre Luna GO

The Pier GO
The Pit GO
Planetary Giants (Mex) GO

(Gigantes Interplanetarios)--(Gigantes Planetarios)

A Rocket from Fenwick GO
El Rostro Inferno GO
Samson in the Wax Museum

Santo en el Museo de Cera GO
(Samson in the Wax Museum)--(Santo in the Wax Museum)

Santo in the Wax Museum GO
The Scarlet Jungle GO

Die Scharlachrote Dschunke GO

Scotland Yard Hunts Dr. Mabuse GO

Scotland Yard in Pursuit of Dr. Mabuse GO
Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse (or 1964)GO

(Dr. Mabuse Vs. Scotland Yard)--(The Scarlet Jungle)--(Die Scharlachrote Dschunke)--(Scotland Yard Hunts Dr. Mabuse)
(Scotland Yard in Pursuit of Dr. Mabuse)--(Scotland Yard Vs. Dr. Mabuse)

Scotland Yard Vs. Dr. Mabuse GO

The Seven Revenges (Ital)(sf?) GO

Sexy Interdit GO

Sexy Probitissimo GO

Sexy-Super Interdit GO
The Slime People GO

Son of Flubber GO
The sequel to The Absent-Minded Professor (1961).

Steps to the Moon (Rom) GO
(First Steps to the Moon)--(Pasi Spre Luna)--(Steps Towards the Moon)

Steps Towards the Moon GO
Teenage Jekyll and Hyde GO

The Terror (sf?) GO
(Castle of Terror)--(Lady of the Shadows)

Tetsujin 28-go (1963-1965) Jap Anim TV GO
(Gigantor)--(Iron Man 28)--(Ironman Number 28)

Tetsuwan Atom (1963-1966) Jap Anim TV GO
(Astro Boy)--(Mighty Atom)

They All Died Laughing (Brit) GO
(A Jolly Bad Fellow)

Twice Told Tales GO
(The Corpse-Makers)--(Nathaniel Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales)

Twilight Zone -- Revisited GO

Undersea Battleship GO

Underwater Battleboat GO
Unearthly Stranger (Brit) GO

(Beyond the Stars)

Der Unsichtbare GO
(The Invisible Man)--(The Invisible Terror)

L'Uomo In Nero GO
Voyage to the End of the Universe (Cz) GO

(Ikarie XB-1)--(Ikarie XB 1 - Za Dve Ste Let Kongem Cervna)

Weapons of Vengeance (Ital-Fra) GO
(Arms of the Avenger)--(Curse of the Haunted Forest)--(I Diavoli di Spartivento)--(The Fighting Legions)

The White Spider (1963)

(Man with the X-Ray Eyes)--(X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes)--(X - The Man With X-Ray Eyes)
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes GO

X - The Man With X-Ray Eyes GO
Your Turn Darling (1963)