Adventure Boy Shadar GO
Akuma Karano Kunsho GO

(Medal from the Devil)

Akuma No Niwa GO
(Devil Garden)--(Revenge of Dr X)--(Venus Fly Trap)

Alberta, Alta Tension GO

Aliens from Another Planet (edited Time Tunnel) GO

Alley of Nightmares GO
The Ambushers GO

Anger of the Golem GO

Asa-Nisse I Agentform (Swed) GO

Ayesha, Daughter of She GO

Ayesha, the Return of She GO
The Bamboo Saucer GO

(Collision Course)

Batman Fights Dracula (Phili)GO

Baytekin Fezada Carpisanlar GO
Between the Nets (Sp-Fran-Ital) GO

(Entre las Redes)

The Billion Dollar Brain (Brit)GO

Blast Off GO

Blast Off GO

Blue Demon Contra "Las Diabolicas" (Mex) GO

Boken Shonen Shadar (1967-1968) Jap TV Anim (156ep) GO
(Adventure Boy Shadar)

Boyichi and the Supermonster GO

Bridgehead (1967?) Brit sf? GO

Caprice GO

Captain Ultra (Jap) GO

Carnage GO
Casino Royale GO

Cinque Marines Per Singapore GO
Code Name: Heraclitus GO

Collision Course GO
Comme Mars en Careme GO

Copenhagen's Psychic Loves GO
Corruption (sf?) (Brit) GO


Creature of Destruction GO
(Creatures of Destruction)

Creatures of Destruction GO
El Cuarto Chino (Mex sf?) GO

A Curios Wat to Love GO

The Curious Dr. Humpp (Arg) GO
(La Venganza del Sexo)

Curse of the Golem GO

Cyborg 009: Kaiju Wars (Jap Anim) GO

Dai Koesu Yongkari GO

Daikaijû Kuchusen: Gamera tai Gaos GO

Daikyoju Gappa GO
(Dinosaur Gappa)--(Distruggeto Kong, La Terra E In Pericolo (?))--(Frankenstein's Fliegende Monster)--(Gappa)
(Gappa the Triphibian Monsters)--(Gappa, the Triphibian Monster)--(Gappa -- Triphibian Monster)
(Gappa -- Triphibian Monsters)--(Monster from a Prehistoric Planet)--(Monster from an Unknown Planet)

Danger: Diabolik (Ital-Fran) GO
(Diabolik)--(Diabolik Contre L'Inspecteur Ginko)

The Day the Fish Came Out (Brit-Greece)GO

The Deadly Bees (Brit)GO

Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick (1967)

Death Has Laid an Egg GO
The Degenerates (?) GO

Devil Garden GO

Diabolik GO

Diabolik Contre L'Inspecteur Ginko GO
Did You Hear the One about the Travelling Saleslady? GO

Dinosaur Gappa GO

Distruggeto Kong, La Terra E In Pericolo (?) GO
Don't Fool Around With Martians GO

Don't Play with Martians (Fran) GO
(Comme Mars en Careme)--(Don't Fool Around With Martians)--(Mars at Easter)--(Mars at Lent)--(Mars en Careme)
(Ne Jouez Pas Avec les Martians)--(Regular As Clockwork)

The Double Man GO

Dr. Dolittle GO

Dr. Satan and Black Magic GO

Dr. Satan Y Lamagia Negra (Mex) GO
(Dr. Satan and Black Magic)--(Vuelve el Doctor Satan)

Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors GO
(Gallery of Horrors)--(Return from the Past)

Electronic Labyrinth GO
Entre las Redes GO
Equinox GO

Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico GO

The Fantastic Three (Ital-WG-Fran-Yugos) GO
(I Fantastici Tre Superman)--(The Three Fantastic Superman)--(I Tre Fantastici Supermen)

I Fantastici Tre Superman GO

Fantomas Against Scotland Yard (Fran) GO
(Fantomas Contre Scotland Yard)

Fantomas Contre Scotland Yard GO
Fathom GO

Fearless Frank GO
Five Million Years to Earth

Flash Gordon's Battle in Space (Turk) GO
(Baytekin Fezada Carpisanlar)

Flit (Ital) GO
(Flit, Imbatible Supremo)--(Il Vostro Super Agente)--(Your Special Agent Flit)

Flit, Imbatible Supremo GO

The Fly (Yugo sf?) GO

Frank's Greatest Adventure GO
(Fearless Frank)

Frankenstein's Fliegende Monster GO

Frankensteins Monster Jagen Godzillas Sohn GO

Fright Night GO
The Frozen Head GO

Gallery of Horrors GO

Gamera Tai Gyaos GO

Gamera tai Gyaosu (Jap) GO
(Boyichi and the Supermonster)--(Daikaijû Kuchusen: Gamera tai Gaos)--(Gamera Tai Gyaos)--(Gamera vs. Gaos)
(Gamera vs. Gyaos)--(Gamera vs the Gaos)--(Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera vs. Gaos)
(The Return of the Giant Monsters)

Gamera vs. Gaos GO

Gamera vs. Gyaos GO

Gamera vs the Gaos GO
Gappa GO

Gappa the Triphibian Monsters GO

Gappa, the Triphibian Monster GO

Gappa -- Triphibian Monster GO

Gappa -- Triphibian Monsters GO
Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera vs. Gaos GO

Giant Space Monster Guilala GO

Gilala GO

The Girl of the Nile GO

Glorious Times in the Spessart GO

Godzira No Musuko GO

Gojira No Musuko GO
(Frankensteins Monster Jagen Godzillas Sohn)--(Godzira No Musuko)--(Kaijûtô no Kessen: Gojira no Musuko)
(Minya Son of Godzilla)--(Monster Island's Decisive Battle: Godzilla's Son)--(Son of Godzilla)

Gold Face Superman GO
Goldface, The Fantastic Superman (sf?) GO

(Gold Face Superman)

Great Monster Yongary GO

Great Monster Yongkari GO
A Guide for the Married Man (sf?) GO

The Helicopter Spies GO

Herrliche Zeiten Im Spessart (WG) GO
(Glorious Times in the Spessart)--(Spessart Rockets)

Hillbillies In a Haunted House (gorilla?) GO
(Hillbillys in a Haunted House)

Hillbillys in a Haunted House GO
El Hombre Invisible Ataca (Arg) GO

(The Invisible Man Attacks)

I Like Flint GO
Ian Fleming's You Only Live Twice
In Like Flint GO

(I Like Flint)

L'Inconnu de Shandigor GO
The Invaders from Outer Space (Sp)GO

(Javier and the Invaders from Space)

The Invisible Man Attacks GO
Island of the Burning Doomed GO

(Anger of the Golem)--(Curse of the Golem)

It's Called Robert (Russ) GO
(Yevo Zovut Robert)

Javier and the Invaders from Space GO
Journey That Shook the World GO

Journey to the Center of Time GO
(Time Warp)

Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon GO
The Jungle Book (Anim) GO

Kaijûtô no Kessen: Gojira no Musuko GO

The Karate Killers GO

Kilink Uçan Adam Karsi GO
(Killing vs. the Flying Man)

The Killing Bottle GO

Killing Frankestayna Karsi GO
"Killing" vs. Frankenstein (Turk) GO

(Killing Frankestayna Karsi)

Killing vs. the Flying Man GO
King Kong Escapes! GO

King Kong No Gyakushu GO

King Kong Strikes Again GO

King Kong's Counterattack GO
Kingukongu no Gyakushu (Jap) GO

(King Kong Escapes!)--(King Kong No Gyakushu)--(King Kong Strikes Again)--(King Kong's Counterattack)
(The Revenge of King Kong)

Kiss Me Monster (Sp-WG) GO

Kiss the Girls and Make Them DieGO

Krakatoa, East of Java GO

Mach 5, Go Go! GO

Mach Go Go Go (1967-1968) TV (52ep) GO
(Mach 5, Go Go!)--(Speed Racer)

The Madman of Lab 4 (Fran) GO

A Man Called Dagger GO

Mandrake vs. "Killing" (Turk) GO

Mars at Easter GO

Mars at Lent GO

Mars en Careme GO
Medal from the Devil GO
The Million Eyes of Su-Muru (Brit) GO


The Mind Benders GO
Minya Son of Godzilla GO

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet GO

Monster from an Unknown Planet GO
Monster Island's Decisive Battle: Godzilla's Son GO
Monster Wangmagwi (Kor) GO


Monster Yongkari GO

Moonshine Mountain GO

La Morte Ha Fatto L'Uovo GO

Las Mujeres Panteras (1967?) Mex sf? GO

Murderers from Another World GO
The Naked Runner GO

Ne Jouez Pas Avec les Martians GO

Nest of Spies (Sp-Ital) GO
(Nido de Espias)

Nido de Espias GO
Night Fright GO

(Fright Night)

Night of the Big Heat (Brit) GO

O.K. Connery GO
The Omegans (US-Fili) GO

Operation Kid Brother (Ital) GO
(O.K. Connery)

Panic in the City GO

The Perils of Pauline (Brit)GO

The Pill Caper GO

Plucked (Fran-Ital) GO
(A Curios Wat to Love)--(Death Has Laid an Egg)--(La Morte Ha Fatto L'Uovo)

The Power Pill (1967-68) GO

Prehistoric Woman GO

The President's Analyst GO

Privilege (Brit)GO

The Psychic GO
(Copenhagen's Psychic Loves)

P.T. Barnum's Rocket to the Moon GO

Quatermass and the Pit GO
(Five Million Years to Earth)--(The Mind Benders)

Raat Andheri Thi (Ind) GO

Regular As Clockwork GO

The Reluctant Astronaut GO

Return from the Past GO
Return of the Giant Monsters GO

The Return of the Giant Monsters GO

Revenge of Dr X GO

The Revenge of King Kong GO
Rififi en Amsterdam GO
Rififi In Amsterdam (Sp-Ital) GO

(Rififi en Amsterdam)

Rocket to the Moon GO
Santo vs. Invasion de los Marcianos (1967?) Mex GO

(Murderers from Another World)

Satsujinkyojidai GO
(Time of Madness)

Search for the Evil OneGO

Seven Golden Men Strike Again (1967)

She Freak (sf?) GO
(Alley of Nightmares)

The Shuttered Room (Brit) GO

Singapore, Singapore (Fran-Ital) GO
(Cinque Marines Per Singapore)

So Darling, So Deadly (1967)

Son of Godzilla GO

The Sorcerers (sf?) (Brit) GO

Speed Racer GO

Spessart Rockets GO
Spy Today, Die Tomorrow (1967)

Sting of Death GO

Strasnaja Mest' GO

Sumuru GO
Taekoesu Yonggary (South Kor-Jap) GO

(Dai Koesu Yongkari)--(Great Monster Yongary)--(Great Monster Yongkari)--(Monster Yongkari)
(Yongary, Monster from the Deep)--(Yongkari, Monster of the Deep)

The Terrible Vengeance GO
Terrornauts (Brit) GO

Those Fantastic Flying Fools (TV Guide) (Brit) GO
(Blast Off)--(Journey That Shook the World)--(Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon)--(P.T. Barnum's Rocket to the Moon)
(Rocket to the Moon)

The Three Fantastic Superman GO

THX 1138:4EB GO
(Electronic Labyrinth)

Time of Madness GO
Time Warp
I Tre Fantastici Supermen GO
Uchu Daikaiju Guilala GO

(Giant Space Monster Guilala)--(Gilala)--(Uchu Daikaiju Guirara)--(X from Outer Space)

Uchu Daikaiju Guirara GO

Ultraman GO
The Unknown Man of Shandigor (Switz) GO

(L'Inconnu de Shandigor)

Urutoraman (Jap)GO

La Venganza del Sexo GO
Vengeance of Fu Manchu (Brit) GO

Vengeance of She (Brit) GO
(Ayesha, Daughter of She)--(Ayesha, the Return of She)

Venus Fly Trap GO
The Vij (Russ) GO

(Strasnaja Mest')--(The Terrible Vengeance)
Il Vostro Super Agente GO

Vuelve el Doctor Satan GO

The Vulture (sf?) GO

Waha Ke Log (Ind) GO

Wangmagwi GO
Weekend (Fran)(sf?) GO

X from Outer Space GO

Year 1999 A.D. GO

Yevo Zovut Robert GO
Yongary, Monster from the Deep GO

Yongkari, Monster of the Deep GO
You Only Live Twice (Brit)GO

(Ian Fleming's You Only Live Twice)

Your Special Agent Flit GO
Z. 7 Operacion Rembrandt GO

Z. 7 Operation Rembrandt GO
Z-7 Operational Rembrandt (Ital-Sp-Ger) GO

(Z. 7 Operacion Rembrandt)--(Z. 7 Operation Rembrandt)

Zero in the Universe GO

Zettai Zetsumei (Jap) GO
(The Killing Bottle)