2001: A Space Odyssey (Brit) GO

2889 GO

4, 3, 2, 1 Muerte GO

After the Destruction of Space Station Gamma: Big Military Operation GO

Against All Odds GO

Agent Sigma 3 Mission Goldwather (Sp-Ital) GO
(Agente Sigma 3 -- Mision Goldwather)--(Sigma III)

Agente Sigma 3 -- Mision Goldwather GO

Alien TerrorGO

All Monsters Attack GO

The Andromeda Galaxy GO

The Andromeda Nebula GO

Andromeda, the Mysterious GO
The Ape Creature GO

(The Gorilla Gang)--(The Gorilla of Soho)

Astro Zombies GO

Attack of the Marching Monsters GO

Automat Na Prani GO
Bang Bang GO
The Bang Bang Kid (US-Sp-Ital) GO

(Bang Bang)

Barbarella (or 1967)(Ital-Fran)GO
(Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy)

Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy GO
Battle Beneath the Earth (Brit)GO

Battle Beyond the Stars GO

The Battle of Space Station Gamma GO
Batwoman (Mex)GO

(La Mujer Murcielago)

Black Lizard (sf?) GO
Blood Beast from Hell GO

The Blood Beast Terror GO
The Blood of Fu Manchu (Sp-Ger-US-Brit) GO

(Against All Odds)--(Fu Manchu and the Keys of Death)--(Fu Manchu and the Kiss of Death)
(Fu Manchu Y el Beso de la Muerte)--(Fu-Manchú y el Beso de la Muerte)--(Fu Manchu's Kiss of Death)--(Kiss and Kill)
(Kiss of Death)--(Die Rache des Dr. Fu Manchu)--(Der Todeskuss des Dr. Fu Man Chu)--(Der Todeskuß des Dr. Fu Manchu)

Bloodsucking Vampire Virus GO

Blue Demon Against the Brains of Hell GO

Blue Demon Contra Cerebros Infernales (Mex) GO
(Blue Demon Against the Brains of Hell)--(El Cerebro Infernal)

Blue Demon en Pasaporte a la Muerte (Mex) GO

Bodysnatcher from Hell GO

Bride of Blood GO

Brides of Blood (US-Phili) GO
(Brides of Blood Island)--(Brides of Death)--(Orgy of Blood)--(Terror on Blood Island)

Brides of Blood Island GO

Brides of Death GO
Candy GO

The Case of Two Beauties (Sp-Ger) GO
(El Caso de las Dos Bellezas)

El Caso de las Dos Bellezas GO
The Castle of Lust (Ger) GO

(Im Schloss der Blutigen Begierde)

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968) (SF?)

El Cerebro Infernal GO


Che Ovni (Arg) GO

Chinese and Mini Skirts (Sp-Ger-Ital) GO
(Chinos Y Minifaldas)

Chinos Y Minifaldas GO
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (sf?)GO

The Cloud of Andromeda (Russ) GO
(The Andromeda Galaxy)--(The Andromeda Nebula)--(Andromeda, the Mysterious)--(Cloud of Andromede)
(Tumannoct' Andromed)

Cloud of Andromede GO

Conquerer WormGO

Countdown GO

Dangerous Island GO

Death and the Green Slime GO

The Deathshead Vampire GO
Destroy All Monsters

Destroy All Planets GO

The Destructors GO

The Diabolical Hatchet GO
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde GO
The Dying Sea

Eva GO
Eve GO

Eve La Venere Selvaggia GO

Eve, the Wild Woman (Ital) GO
(Eve La Venere Selvaggia)--(King of Kong Island)

The Face of Eve (Brit-Sp) GO

Fangs of the Living Dead (SF?) GO

The Fear Chamber (US-Mex) GO

Frankenstein (TV?) GO
(Mystery and Imagination: Frankenstein)

Fu Manchu and the Keys of Death GO

Fu Manchu and the Kiss of Death GO

Fu Manchu Y el Beso de la Muerte GO

Fu-Manchú y el Beso de la Muerte GO

Fu Manchu's Kiss of Death GO
G the Vampire GO

Gamera Tai Uchu Kaijû Bairasu (Jap) GO
(Destroy All Planets)--(Gamera tai Viras)--(Gamera vs. Outer Space Monster Viras)--(Gamera vs. Outer-Space Virus)
(Gamera vs Super Monster Bairasu)--(Gamera vs. Viras)

Gamera tai Viras GO

Gamera vs. Outer Space Monster Viras GO

Gamera vs. Outer-Space Virus GO

Gamera vs Super Monster Bairasu GO

Gamera vs. Viras GO
Gamma #3 Big Military Space Operation GO

Gamma #3: Space Project GO
Gamma Sango Uchu Daisakusen (Jap-US) GO

(After the Destruction of Space Station Gamma: Big Military Operation)--(Battle Beyond the Stars)
(The Battle of Space Station Gamma)--(Death and the Green Slime)--(Gamma #3 Big Military Space Operation)
(Gamma #3: Space Project)--(Gammo Sango Uchu Daisakusen)--(Ganma Sango Uchu Daisakusen)--(The Green Slime)

Gammo Sango Uchu Daisakusen GO

Ganma Sango Uchu Daisakusen GO
Genocide GO

Gojira Dengeki Taisakusen GO

Goke - Body Snatcher from Hell GO

Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell GO

Goke the Vampire GO
Golden Eyes, Secret Agent 007 (India) GO
The Gorilla Gang GO

The Gorilla of Soho GO
Great Insect War GO

The Green Slime GO

La Hacha Diabolico (c1968) (Mex) (sf?) GO
(The Diabolical Hatchet)

Hound of the Baskervilles (1968)

How to Make a Doll GO

How to Steal the World (edited The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) GO

I, Justice GO
I Love You, I Love You GO
Ja, Spravedlnost (Cz)(Sf?) GO

(I, Justice)

The Illustrated Man (sf-fan ant)GO

Im Schloss der Blutigen Begierde GO
In the Year 2889 GO

The Incredible Invasion (US-Mex) GO
(Alien Terror)--(Invasión Siniestra)--(Invasion Sinitestra)--(Sinister Invasion)

Inspector Clouseau (Brit) GO
Invasión Siniestra GO

Invasion Sinitestra GO
Invisible Man: Dr Eros GO

The Island of Living HorrorGO

Island of Lost Girls (Ital-WG) GO
(Kommisar X - Drei Goldene Schlangen)

Island of the Lost GO
(Dangerous Island)--(Lost Island)

"It's Alive!" (1968) GO

Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime (Fran) GO
(I Love You, I Love You)

Journey into Darkness (Anth US-Brit) GO

K-9000: A Space Oddity (1968?) anim GO

Kaiju Sokogeki GO

Kaijû Sôshingeki (Jap) GO
(All Monsters Attack)--(Attack of the Marching Monsters)--(Destroy All Monsters)--(Gojira Dengeki Taisakusen)
(Kaiju Sokogeki)--(The March of the Monsters)--(Monster Attack March)--(Monster Invasion)--(Monsters Fighting Together)
(Operation Monsterland)

King of Kong Island GO

Kiss and KillGO

Kiss and Kill GO

Kiss Me, Monster GO

Kiss of Death GO

Kommisar X - Drei Goldene Schlangen GO
Konchu Dai Senso (Jap) GO

(Genocide)--(Great Insect War)--(Konchu Daisenso)--(War of Insects)--(War of the Insects)

Konchu Daisenso GO

Kurotokage GO
(Black Lizard (sf?))

Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro GO
(Bloodsucking Vampire Virus)--(Bodysnatcher from Hell)--(G the Vampire)--(Goke - Body Snatcher from Hell)
(Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell)--(Goke the Vampire)

Legend of the Champions (Brit edited The Champions) GO

The Lost Continent (Brit)GO
(The Dying Sea)--(Lost Island)--(The People of Abrimes)

Lost Island GO
Lost Island GO

Luana (Ital) GO
(Luana, Daughter of the Virgin Forest)--(Luana, La Figlia Della Foresta Vergene)

Luana, Daughter of the Virgin Forest GO

Luana, La Figlia Della Foresta Vergene GO
Malenka GO
The March of the Monsters

Mission MarsGO
(Red Planet Mars)

Mission Stardust (Span-Ital-Germ) GO
(4, 3, 2, 1 Muerte)--(Mortal Orbit)--(Operation Stardust)--(Orbita Mortal)

Mister Freedom (Fran) GO

Molba (Russ sf?) GO
(The Prayer)

Monkey Planet GO
Monster Attack March GO

Monster Invasion GO

Monsters Fighting Together GO
Moonshot GO
Mortal Orbit GO

La Mujer MurcielagoGO
The Murder Clinic (Ital-Fran)GO

Mystery and Imagination: Frankenstein GO
Night of Anubis GO

Night of the Flesh Eaters GO
Night of the Living Dead GO

(Night of Anubis)--(Night of the Flesh Eaters)

La Noche del Hombre Lobo (Spain-Fran sf?) GO

Operation Monsterland GO

Operation Stardust GO

Orbita Mortal GO

Orgy of Blood GO

The People of Abrimes GO
Planet of the Apes (or 1967) GO

(Monkey Planet)

Popdown (Brit) GO

The Power GO

The Prayer GO
Project X GO

Przekladaniec GO
Die Rache des Dr. Fu Manchu GO

Red Planet Mars GO
Roly-Poly (Polish) GO


Santo Against Blue Demon in Atlantis GO
Santo Contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida (c1968)(Mex) GO

(Santo Against Blue Demon in Atlantis)

Santo en el Tesoro de Drácula GO
(El Tesoro de Dracula)

Satanik (Sp-Ital) GO

See Ya Later Gladiator (WB anim) GO

Shadow on the Land (TV)GO

Shame GO
Shoes of the FishermanGO

The Shuttered Room GO

Sigma III GO
Sinister Invasion

Skammen (Swed) GO

The Sky Bike (Brit)GO

The Snake People (1968)

El Solatario Pasa Al Ataque GO
The Solitary Attacks (Sp-Fran) GO

(El Solatario Pasa Al Ataque)

Something Weird GO

Space Thing GO

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (TV US-Can) GO
(Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

Terror in the Jungle GO

Terror on Blood Island GO

El Tesoro de Dracula GO
Thunderbird 6 (Brit) GO

Der Todeskuss des Dr. Fu Man Chu GO

Der Todeskuß des Dr. Fu ManchuGO
Tomeininjen Erohakase GO

(Invisible Man: Dr Eros)

Torture Garden (Brit) GO

Tumannoct' Andromed GO

The Vampire Beast Craves Blood (Brit)(sf?) GO
(Blood Beast from Hell)--(The Blood Beast Terror)--(The Deathshead Vampire)

The Virgin President (sf?) GO

Voyage into Space (edited jap TV)GO

War of Insects GO

War of the Insects GO
What's So Bad About Feeling So Good? GO

Wild in the Streets GO

Wishing Machine (Czech) GO
(Automat Na Prani)

Work Is a Four-Letter Word (Brit) GO

Year 2889 GO
(2889)--(In the Year 2889)