Akce Bororo GO
The Alien Oro (1973-1982) Can GO

(The Starlost Quintology 3)--(The Starlost : The Alien Oro)

L'An 01 (Fran) GO

Android Casshan GO

Armageddon 1975 (?) GO

Attack of the Swamp Creature GO

Attack of the Swamp Creatures GO
Babel II (Jap Anim TV) GO

Baby Killer GO
The Banana Monster
Barn of the Naked Dead GO
The Bat People (sf?) GO

Battle for the Planet of the Apes GO
(Colonization of the Planet of the Apes)

The Beast and the Vixens GO

A Beetle in Overdrive GO

The Beginning (Can) GO
(The Starlost Quintology 1)

Beyond Atlantis (Fili-US) GO
(Sea Creatures)

Black Frankenstein GO

Blackenstein GO
(Black Frankenstein)--(Return of Blackenstein)

Blacksnake (sf?) GO
(Slaves)--(Sweet Suzy)

Blood Couple GO

Blood Waters of Dr. Z GO
(Attack of the Swamp Creature)--(Attack of the Swamp Creatures)--(Zaat)

The Borrowers (TV) GO

Capulina Contra Las Momias (sf?) GO

Casshan: Robot Hunter GO

Cassiopea GO
Chabelo Y Pepito Contra Los Monstruous GO
Chill Factor
The Clones GO

(The Cloning)--(The Cloning of Dr. Appleby)--(Dead Man Running)--(The Mindsweepers)

The Cloning GO

The Cloning of Dr. Appleby GO
Code Name: Trixie GO

Codename: Trixie GO
A Cold Night's Death (TV?)GO

(Chill Factor)

Colonization of the Planet of the Apes GO
Computer Killers GO
Conquest of the Deeps GO

E Cosi' Divennero I Tre Supermen Del West (Ital) GO

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (Brit) GO
(Dracula Is Dead and Well and Living in London)--(The Satanic Rites of Dracula)

The Crazies GO
(Code Name: Trixie)--(Codename: Trixie)

Crimson (Sp-fran) GO

Cutey Honey (1973-1974) (Jap Anim TV) GO

Cyborg GO

Cyborg: The Six Million Dollar Man GO
The Day of the Dolphin GO

Dead Man Running GO

Death Smiles on a Murderer (Ital) GO
(La Morte a Sorriso All Assassino)

Deception (Can) GO
(The Starlost Quintology 4)

Devil Kiss (sp-fr) GO

Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World (or 1974) Brit GO

Divoká Planeta GO

Doctor in the Nude GO

Don't Look Now (sf?) GO

Doomsday GO
The Doomsday Machine GO

(Armageddon 1975 (?))--(Doomsday)

Doraemon (Jap Anim TV) (27ep) GO

Double Possession GO

Dr. Death GO

Dr. Frankenstein GO
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeGO

Dracula Is Dead and Well and Living in London GO

Eolomea (East Germ) GO

The Fantastic Planet GO

The Final Programme GO
Frankenstein (TV) GO

Frankenstein: The True Story (Brit)GO
(Dr. Frankenstein)

Ganja and Hess GO
(Blood Couple)--(Double Possession)--(Vampires of Harlem)

The Gardener GO
Genesis II (TV) GO

Getting Clean (1973?) Czech anim sf? GO

Godmonster of Indian Flats GO
(Godmonster of Indian Flats SWV(?))

Godmonster of Indian Flats SWV(?) GO
Godzilla vs. Megalon GO

Gojira tai Megaro (Jap) GO
(Godzilla vs. Megalon)--(King Kong, Da Monen Aus Dem Weltall)

Ground Zero GO

The Hidan of Mount Bienjow GO
L'Homme Sans Visage

Horror Hospital (Brit) GO
(Computer Killers)

Humanomenon (Ital anim) GO

Idaho Transfer GO

The Intruder (Claymation) GO

The Invasion (Can) GO
(The Starlost Quintology 2)

Invasion of the Bee GirlsGO

Invasion of the Girl Snatchers GO
(The Hidan of Mount Bienjow)

Isn't It Shocking GO

It's Alive GO
(Baby Killer)

Jawai Vikat Ghene Aahe GO
Jinzo Ningen Casshan (1973-1974) (Jap Anim TV) GO

(Android Casshan)--(Casshan: Robot Hunter)

Ein Kaefer auf Extratour GO

King Kong, Da Monen Aus Dem Weltall GO
The Last Days of Man on Earth (Brit) GO

(The Final Programme)

The Legend of Hell House (US-Brit) GO

Live and Let Die (Brit)GO

Lost Horizon GO

The Man From Clover Grove GO

Mazinger Z vs Devilman (1973) Jap Anim GO

Microid S (1973) Jap TV Anim (26ep) GO

The Midnight Parasites (1973?) Jap anim GO

The Mindsweepers GO

La Morte a Sorriso All Assassino GO
Moscow-Cassiopea (Russ)GO


The Mountain Brings Forth (1973?) Fran anim GO

The Mutation GO
The Mutations (Brit) GO

(The Mutation)

The Neptune Factor (Can) GO
(Conquest of the Deeps)--(The Neptune Disaster)--(The Neptune Factor -- An Undersea Odyssey)--(An Underwater Odyssey)

The Neptune Disaster GO

The Neptune Factor -- An Undersea Odyssey GO
Night of the Sorcerers (Spain) GO

(La Noche de Los Brujos)

The Night Strangler (TV)GO

Nihon Chinbotsu GO
(Nippon Chinbotsu)--(Submersion of Japan)--(Tidal Wave)

Nippon Chinbotsu GO

La Noche de Los Brujos GO
La Noche de Los Monstruous (Mex sf?) GO

Nuits Rouges GO

O Lucky Man GO

Los Ojos Siniestros del Dr. Orloff (Spain) GO

Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek GO
Operation Bororo (Czech) GO

(Akce Bororo)

El Pantano de los Cuervos GO
Pas De Violence Entre Nous GO
Pepito Y Chabelo vs. Los Monstruous (Mex) GO

(Chabelo Y Pepito Contra Los Monstruous)

Phase IV (or 1974) US-Brit GO

Planet of Incredible Creatures GO

La Planète Sauvage GO
(Divoká Planeta)--(The Fantastic Planet)--(Planet of Incredible Creatures)--(The Savage Planet)

Quem E Beta (?) (Braz-Fran) GO
(Pas De Violence Entre Nous)

Rads 1001 (1973?) Ital GO

Rage GO

El Refugio del Miedo (Spain) GO

The Return (Can) GO
(The Starlost Quintology 5)

Return of Blackenstein GO

The Romantic Agony GO
The Saint vs. Dr. Death
Santo contra el doctor Muerte GO

(Dr. Death)--(The Saint vs. Dr. Death)

Santo Y Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein (Mex) GO

The Satanic Rites of Dracula GO

The Savage Planet GO
Savages (sf?) GO

Schlock GO
(The Banana Monster)

Sea Creatures GO
Seeds of Evil (sf?) GO

(The Gardener)

Shadowman (sf?) (Fran-Ital)GO
(L'Homme Sans Visage)--(Nuits Rouges)

Shock GO

Shock Treatment (Fran-Ital)GO
(Doctor in the Nude)--(Shock)--(Traitement de Choc)

The Six Million Dollar Man (TV) GO
(Cyborg)--(Cyborg: The Six Million Dollar Man)--(The Six Million Dollar Man: The Moon and the Desert)

The Six Million Dollar Man: The Moon and the Desert GO

Slaves GO

Sleeper GO

A Slightly Pregnant ManGO

Soylent Green GO

Space 1999 (1973-74) Brit-Ital GO

The Spook Who Sat by the Door GO

Ssssnake GO


The Starlost Quintology 1 GO
The Starlost Quintology 2 GO
The Starlost Quintology 3 GO

The Starlost Quintology 4 GO

The Starlost Quintology 5 GO
The Starlost : The Alien Oro GO
The Stranger GO


Submersion of Japan GO

Superbug (WG) GO
(A Beetle in Overdrive)--(Ein Kaefer auf Extratour)

The Swamp of the Ravens (Spain-US) GO
(El Pantano de los Cuervos)

Sweet Suzy GO
Tender Flesh
Terminal Island GO

Terror Circus GO
(Barn of the Naked Dead)

Third from the Sun (or 1972) Bulg GO
(Tretja Ot Sontsa)

Tidal Wave GO
Traitement de Choc

Tretja Ot Sontsa GO
Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda GO

(Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek)

An Underwater Odyssey GO

Vaarwel (Dutch) GO
(The Romantic Agony)

Vampires of Harlem GO

Wanted: Son-in-Law Sale (India) GO
(Jawai Vikat Ghene Aahe)

Welcome to Arrow Beach GO
(Tender Flesh)

The Werewolf of Washington (sf?) GO
(The White House Horrors)

Il West Ti Va Stretto, Amico (Ital-West Germ-Fran) GO

Westworld GO

The White House Horrors GO
Women of Transplant Island
Wonder Women (US-Phili) GO

(Women of Transplant Island)

The World's Greatest AthleteGO

Yellow Dog (Brit) GO

Zaat GO

The Zoo Robbery (Brit) GO