Adolescents in the Universe (Russ) GO

The Amazing Dobermans GO

The Amazing Dr. Jekyll GO

American Tickler, or The Winner of 10 Academy Awards GO

Any Day Now GO
A.P.E. (US-Kor) GO

(Ape)--(The New King Kong)--(Super Kong)

Ape GO

At the Earth's Core (Brit) GO
(Edgar Rice Burroughs' At the Earth's Core)

The Big Bus GO

The Big Cats and How They Came to Be (anim) GO

The Bionic Boy GO
(The Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Boy)

Blocker Corps (1976-1977) Jap TV Anim (38ep) GO
(Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster)--(Blocker Guntan IV Machine Blaster)

Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster GO

Blocker Guntan IV Machine Blaster GO
Blood Bath (sf?) GO

Blood Feast (Ital) GO
(Feast of Flesh)

Bloodsucking Freaks (sf?) GO
(The Incredible Torture Show)

Born Free GO

Brenda Starr (sf?) GO

Cannibal GO

Cannibal Holocaust GO
Carrie GO

Chesty Anderson -- U.S. Navy GO

Cho Denji Robo Combattler V (1976-1977) Jap TV Anim (54ep) GO
(Combattler V)--(Combattra)--(Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V)

Claws GO

Code Name: Minus One GO

Combattler V GO

Combattra GO
Commando Squad GO

Cosmic Princess (Brit) (edited Space 1999) GO

Coz Takhle Dat Si Spenat (Cz) GO

Creature from Black Lake GO

Cyclops (Bulg) GO

Cyklopat GO

Deadly Harvest (Can) GO

Death Machines GO

Demain Les Momes (Fran) GO

Destination Moonbase Alpha (or 1975) (Brit-Ital) (edited Space 1999) GO
(Space: 2100)

Dinosaur Investigators Born Free GO
Dogs GO

Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde GO

Dr. Black and Mr. White GO
Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde GO

(Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde)--(Dr. Black and Mr. White)--(The Watts Monster)

Draws GO
Edgar Rice Burroughs' At the Earth's Core
Embryo GO

Erotic Dr. Jekyl GO
(The Amazing Dr. Jekyll)--(The Incredible Dr. Jekyll)

Eyes GO

Eyes of Dr. Chaney GO
Feast of Flesh GO
The Food of the Gods GO

(H.G. Wells' Food of the Gods)

Foreplay (sf?) GO

Frankenstein -- Italian Style (Ital) GO

Future Cop GO


Gemini Man (TV) GO
(Code Name: Minus One)--(The New Invisible Man)

Gravity (1976?) anim GO

(Claws)--(Killer Grizzly)

H.G. Wells' Food of the Gods GO
Hollywood Boulevard (not sf, but film satire of sf) GO

House of Blood GO

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (US-Brit) GO

The Incredible Dr. Jekyll GO
The Incredible Torture Show GO
Island of the Doomed GO

Kadaru Masam (India) GO

The Keeper (Can) GO

Killer Grizzly GO

King Kong GO
(King Kong: The Legend Reborn)

King Kong: The Legend Reborn GO
Kiss of the Tarantula GO


Kyoryu Tankentai Born Free (1976-1977) TV Series (26ep) GO
(Born Free)--(Dinosaur Investigators Born Free)

The Last Cannibal World GO

The Last Survivor (Ital) GO
(Cannibal)--(Cannibal Holocaust)--(The Last Cannibal World)--(Ultimo Mondo Cannibale)

The Legend of Loch Ness GO

Logan's Run GO

Lost in Time (edited TV Fantastic Journey) GO

Mako, Jaws of Death GO

The Man Who Fell to Earth (Brit) GO

The Mansion of the Doomed GO
(Eyes)--(Eyes of Dr. Chaney)--(House of Blood)--(The Terror of Dr. Chaney)

Master of the World (anim US) GO

The Mathematician (Brit comp anim?) GO

Maya Manushya (India) GO

The Milpitas Monster GO

A Mulher Que Poe a Pomba No Ar (Braz) GO
(The Woman Who Makes Doves Fly) GO

The New Invisible Man GO
The New King Kong GO

The Pink Panther Strikes Again GO

Quasi at the Quackadero (anim) GO

Queen Kong (Brit-Ital) GO

Rattlers GO

Riding with Death (edited Gemini Man) GO

Rollerbabies GO

Sasquatch GO
Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot GO

The Savage Bees (TV?) GO

Sherlock Holmes in New York GO

Shudder GO
The Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Boy
Space: 2100 GO
Squirm GO

Stalk the Wild Child GO

Star Maidens Part I GO

Star Maidens Part II GO

Summer of Secrets (Austral) GO

Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V GO

Super Kong GO
Sussuri Nel Buio GO

Un Sussurro Nel Buio GO
The Terror of Dr. Chaney GO
Thundercrack GO

Time Travelers GO

Track of the Moonbeast GO

Tsekloput GO

Tunnelvision GO

UFO Journals GO

Ultimo Mondo Cannibale GO

Vandaag of Morgen (Dutch) GO
(Any Day Now)

The Watts Monster GO
Whispers in the Dark (Ital) GO

(Sussuri Nel Buio)--(Un Sussurro Nel Buio)

The Woman Who Makes Doves Fly GO
Zipstones (Dutch anim) GO