Wizards (1977)


Well this is an old favorite of mine. Its an animated fantasy movie set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. After a horrible war, the Earth was repopulated by fairies, elves and other magic creatures, which have awoke from a long sleep.
   This movie is your basic good vs. evil, with brothers taking up each role. One is a character named Avatar who is the “good” wizard and his brother Blackwolf  is the evil wizard. They fight against each other with Avatar defending his kingdom and people against Blackwolf and his demon allies. The film being from the 70s does also fall into the cliché of magic and nature are good while technology is bad as well as the people who use it.
  Now as for how well this movie has held up over time, hmm… Well they say “You can never go home again.” This really is true, this was one of my all time favorite movies, but watching it removed from the early and late 70s it does not hold up well. The animation was good, but by today’s standards, it is weak, washed out in some places and with static backgrounds it leaves something to be desired. The movie is funny in places and it does tell a good story but the CGI available today blows it away. So for anyone who remembers this movie and wants to watch it for nostalgia’s sake go ahead. Just do not expect anyone born in the 80s or 90s to be captivated by this. With Disney, Pixar, and  just normal everyday cartoons available, Wizards will not capture many people’s imaginations today as it did when I was young. This still rates as the movie I have seen the most in the theater…11 times…plus countless times on VHS and now DVD.
But for today looking at it with more experienced eyes, I can give this but 6 out of 10 stars.