Mad Max (1979)


It is the near future and society is slowly sinking into oblivion. Oh -and gas is really expensive -perhaps this movie will need to be removed from the sci-fi category soon and reclassified as a documentary.

There are many elements of this movie to like.  It is one of a few movies that I can think of that is not post-apocalyptic -but rather the apocalypse is currently happening or has just happened.  It is a great little touch to the movie -as society clings to the old ways as everything slowly crumbles.  The other thing that makes this movie so fun is the cast.  Everyone is a character -to the evil gang of bad guys that strangely resemble a dance troupe (watch this again, you will see what I mean) to the cops that wonder if their side of the law still has their backs.

Ultimately this is a tale of terror and revenge.  Mad Max is an instantly classic character out to avenge his family.  The gang leader, Toe Cutter is a little less memorable, but fun and campy in a mindless terror causing sort of way.