Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (1982)


 In Turkey, there are no laws to protect copyrighted material from other countries. There are also no laws to protect us from the bad movies that result from this. Cüneyt Arkin "wrote" this atrocity about a hero, played by himself, who saves the world. Using footage from Star Wars, sometimes upsidedown and backwards, and soundtracks from a number of films, including Star Wars, he "edited" his own footage. Edited in this case means :
  1. Place Footage in Food Processor.
  2. Hit the Mince Button
  3. Sit Back for Several Minutes
  4. Open Container
  5. Splice Footage Together
 This film has to be seen to be believed. During the final battle (Don't worry, I won't spoil anything!), he fights several monsters. A previous reviewer said the monsters look like sport mascot costumes. I would say Little League Baseball. Anyhow, at one point, one of the monsters suffers the ultimate indignity. His arm is karate chopped off by our hero, and he is stabbed in the throat with his own arm. Now I'm not saying this is the worst sci fi film of all time, as I believe in the power of man to create atrocities far beyond this, but this is the worst I've seen.
 Wait, is that an event horizon I see?!?
 This film does not get a star. It gets a Black Hole.