Jurassic Park (1993)


Generally, when I think of this movie my first thought is ‘another Spielberg movie, blah blah blah’ -plus it has Jeff Goldblum who has a hard time not being Jeff Golfblum in just about every movie he’s in.  Then I re-watched the movie -and everything that’s good about it comes popping back out and I suddenly remember -this is a damn good movie.

The sci-fi effects are of course top notch.  Legendary in many ways, especially in the way they are combined with the story or camera effects (like the rear view mirror scene with T-rex, or the puddle ripples) but this is also a fairly top notch story too.

There is no evil villain in the movie per say.  This is classic Man vs. Environment with an environment that WILL eat you.  I found the story layout to be somewhat refreshing -as the typical obstacle laden paths the characters must take make a bit more sense in the context of a theme park full of dinosaurs gone awry.  Watching the children get slowly tortured scene after scene got kind of old -that’s a therapy bill I wouldn’t want to be stuck with, and some of the ways in which problems are solved -especially at the end of the movie were a bit simplistic.  I mean, it is great the daughter is a hacker -but she’s been physically assaulted at least twice by man eating creatures and will be eaten for sure a third time unless she digs deep and busts out her hacking skills.  Not the time for your 9 year old to start acting like.. well, a 9 year old.

But in the spirit of movie fun (and this IS a Spielberg flick) these are minor problems.
This is an amazing movie that everyone should own.