Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001)


I really wanted to like this movie. It was Stanley Kubrick's final collaboration with Steven Spielberg. It had to be good. Wrong.
Actually, I liked the first part of the movie. The first part of the film was very dark and grim. It was cool. And then...
It got silly and sappy, and had this bizarre Pinocchio ending. Essentially, the film is a robotic version of Pinnocchio, which has been done before, but this could have been good. It had a number of great moments, the Flesh Fair, Gigolo Joe, and Haley Joel Osment is excellent as the robotic boy David. The ending failed terribly. Many people believe that Stanley Kubrick was responsible for the first half of the film and Steven Spielberg is responsible for the second half. It definately looks as if you are watching two different films.
Very disappointing.

5 Stars Out of 10