Fantastic Four (2003)


I went in expecting a lot worse from this movie and was surprised. A little. This was a good summer movie. Thin on plot and character development, big on effects and hero machismo. Yes, there are plot holes, yes, Alba has little or no talent, but it was still fun. When I saw the previews I hated the way the Thing looked, but he really looked OK when it all came together. The one thing I liked was the sound effects for the Thing -like clay pots rubbing together -it was perfect.
The story does not match the comic. Von Doom (like most everything else) is totally different. But, luckily the lackluster line-up this summer allowed this movie to do better then it might have -meaning there will probably be another. In the second movie, they won’t have to focus on character development as much and won’t (hopefully) screw it up as much.
Doom has this scar on his cheek. Throughout the movie, it swaps cheeks. Constantly.
I rarely notice that kind of crap, but this drove me nuts.