Appleseed (2004)


This computer generated anime film rather quietly came out here in America, and did okay as far sales are concerned.
That is a terrible shame.
This is truly a great film. It is cell-shaded, which means that although it is a 3D computer generated film, it is colored to look like a regular animated film. The effect is absolutely seemless.
Essentially a remake of a 1988 animated film from Japan, this film shows a world almost totally destroyed world. People still fight a war that no longer exists among the ruins of the old world. A young girl named Deunan Newt, legendary for her skill at fighting, is captured and transfered to the last surviving city where she is placed on the police force. As it turns out, there are motives behind everything that has happened to her. As she tries to unravel the secrets all around her, she finds that she cantrust almost no one.

Excellent film, a must see. 9 out of 10 stars.