Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)


I just saw ĎCharlie and The Chocolate Factoryí and I must say that it was a great movie. I have heard many complaints that Depp was a little too weird, a little too creepy. And if you go only by the commercials and previews I can see how you might get that impression. However, what Depp is -is the prefect representation of Dahlís Wonka.

I am not going to make comparisons to the original Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder is a comedic genius and a great actor. His performance in that movie supports that 100%. But it is a different movie, from a different time with different technology. It stands alone and should stand alone. Oh -and if you havenít seen it, you should.

If you havenít read the Original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you should do that as well. One thing you will notice that this quirky book isnít all sunshine and light-heartedness. Dahl, like many who wrote adolescence books at that time wrote books that dealt with tough issues and didnít pull punches. Look at the books for adolescents today -they represent the times we live in and are accordingly grim.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lives up to all the slightly dark quirkiness that made Dahlís books a favorite of my youth. (Potential Spoiler Alert) Wonka shows himself to be a troubled child in a manís body -for reasons that are explained in the movie. His reasons for loving candy are simple and pure. And his conversations with Charlie regarding family are brilliant in their simple directness. I will admit that there is a slight semblance between Wonka and a home schooled Michael Jackson sans pedophilia, but I assure you it all works in the context of the story.

The acting in the movie is great. Deep Roy -acting as all the Umpa Loompas is genius. I mean, the effects are nice, but Royís actual performances stand out. The music scores are spot on -and serve to support the movieís overall oddness. The special effects are great and fit seamlessly into the story.

Go see this movie, especially if you are Dahl fan, or a kid at heart.