The Island (2005)


This was a fun movie to watch. Lots of action, the story had a fast pace, the calm interludes were well placed; everything was appropriately pretty or ugly. Then I made the mistake of leaving the theater and going home -and reality sank in.
And (spoiler alert!) the reality is -this movie has holes -lots of friggen holes. The main character (played by Ewan McGregor) suddenly starts to develop the memories of the person he is a clone of. OK, no problem -just give me some semi-plausible reason why this occurs. Any reason at will do… Something. Nothing. I mean, a simple explanation of ‘new quantum computers’ would have done it -anything, but we get no reason to explain why this oddly miraculous event occurs -and starts to occur among other clones of Ewan’s ‘generation’. The other hole shows the corporation’s leader talking to share holders -telling them that a huge amount of inventory will be destroyed (because of this nasty unexplained memory problem) and that all these destroyed clones will be replaced (and a huge cost to the company). All the share holders nod ominously and say ‘aye’ and the action is approved. Now, if I have weird memories popping up into my expensive clone products (and the movie stresses that the clones are expensive and that the memories are not suppose to be there) -and this causes me to destroy the product -don’t you think I want to know WHY this was happening before I started to grow a whole new batch? What large corporation throws good money after bad? Moreover, how has every member of the Board of Directors approve this stupid decision?
Then there’s the massive destruction that happens in futuristic downtown Cali that’s never investigated. And, the time spent showing Scarlett Johansson’s character being a tough cookie only to have here become secondary eye candy with as much character as a box of pop tarts. And a few other things..
This was a summer movie. Watch it accordingly. If you want a mindless sci-fi flick then this is your bag. It might pay to see this on the big screen. The explosions, the action, the sound -it all plays very well in the theater (and will not play as well at home). Just check your brain in your glove box and you‘ll