Serenity (2005)


I must admit I had seen only one episode of the TV show before I saw the movie.  It is a problem I am rectifying.  I was worried that not having had seen the show I wouldn’t understand the movie.  Luckily that wasn’t case.  Sure, there were some references I didn’t immediately get but nothing got in the way of enjoying the movie.

Cowboy’s in space is one way to describe this movie.  The whole frontier theme mixed with a revolutionary war air was really well done.  The environment, steeped with its own lingo and rough and tumble look to everything was pitch perfect.  Like cyberpunk meets the wild west.

The story itself manages to avoid some of the normal pitfalls TV series make when going to the big screen.  The movie moves the storyline as a whole forward and truly adds several new and dynamic dimensions to how future storylines will play out (if they play out).   Exactly the level of impact you would expect for shelling out big bucks for something you normally get to watch for free (relatively speaking).

I am now a Josh Whedon fan.  I was before but this cements it.  Buy this movie, buy the series.  You will be happy you did so.