2004: A Light Knight's Odyssey GO

2176 GO

The 4th Dimension GO

A for Andromeda (TV) GO

The Absence of Light (SF?) (Also listed as 2004) GO

AD Project GO

Adina (SF?) GO

Africa Paradis GO


A.I. Assault (TV) GO
(Shockwave) GO

Alag: He Is Different.... He Is Alone... GO

Alien Autopsy (UK) GO

Alien Fire (TV) (Can-US) GO

Alien Incursion GO

Alien Secrets GO

Altered GO
Ambassadors Day GO
Anamnesis GO
Android Apocalypse (TV) GO
(Facing Extinction) GO

Apparatspott 3 (Germ) (SF?) GO

Appleseed (Jap Anim TV) (CGI or Anim?) GO

Appleseed 2 (CGI Jap) GO

Aquaman (TV) GO
Arcanum GO
Artificial Worlds V.3.0 GO
Ascension GO

The Astronaut Farmer GO
A self taught engineer builds his own rocket and faces many obstacles.

Atome GO
Attack Force GO
 L'Attracteur Etrange GO

Au Crépuscule des Temps (TV) (Fran) (SF?) GO
(Dawn of a New Age)GO

Automatons GO
Avant Pétalos Grillados GO
Avenue X GO
The Axe Man GO
Aziris Nuna GO
Bad Dreams (2006)
Balance (2006) (SF?)
Bartholomew's Song (2006)
Basilisk: The Serpent King (2006) (TV)
The Battery-Powered Duckling (2006)
Battlespace (2006)
Because of the War (2006)
Beyond (2006) (TV)
Bikini-Blitzkrieg, Part One: Dance Domination (2006)
Black Box: UFO Secrets (2006) (TV)
The Black Hole (2006) (TV)

Black Jack 21 (Jap Anim TV Movie?) GO

Blade (TV) GO

Bloody Mary (2006)

Blue Road GO

Borg War (2006)
The Box (2006)

The Break (SF?) GO

The Brink (2006)
Built for War (2006)
Butterflies (2006)
The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)
Captain Valedor (2006)

Cargo (Switz) GO

Caved In (TV) GO
(Caved In: Prehistoric Terror)

Cemetery Gates (2006)
The Center for Salvation (2006)
Cerveau Zero (2006)
The Champ (2006)
Changing Time (2006)

Chassis GO

The Children of Men (Can-US-UK) GO

Chilly Mission (2006)
Chô Gekijô-ban Keroro Gunsô (2006)
Cielo Sin Angeles (2006)
Cinésens (2006)
Confessions (2006)
(Confessions of a Call Girl)
Contention (2006)

Cowboys and Aliens GO

CPU (2006)

The Crazies GO

Creature from the Black Lagoon (Pushed back to 2008) GO

Creepshow III (2006)
(Creepshow, Vol. 3)
Creswell Presents: The Outer Dimensional Realm (2006) (TV)
Crops (2006)
Dark Storm (2006)
Day of the Cabbage (2006)
The Day Tomorrow Came (2006)
Dead & Deader (2006) (TV)

Deadly Water (TV) (SF?) GO

Deathlok (Pushed back to 2008) GO

Decoys 2 GO

Deep Sea UFOs (2006) (TV)

Deja Vu GO

Demain la veille (2006)
(Waiting for Yesterday)

Deus Ex GO

Devil on the Mountain (SF?) GO

Diabolical Tales: Part I (2006) (V)
(Diabolical Tales: Part I - Genesis of the Men from Within the Earth)
Dicing with Life (2006)
Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (2006) (TV)

Displaced (UK) GO

Dnevnoy Dozor (Russ) GO
(Day Patrol)GO
(Day Watch)GO
(Night Patrol 2)GO
(Night Watch 2)GO

Dr. Psycho's Chamber of Sadism 1: Sado-Nurses in Heat (2006)
(Dr. Psycho's Chamber of Sadism)
The Draft (2006)

Dreamland (SF?) GO

Dreamworld (2006)
Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam'in Oglu (2006)
(Turks in Space)
Early Retirement (2006)

Earthstorm (TV) GO

Eddy Ray (2006)
The Eden Formula (2006) (TV)
Eight Percent (2006)
Electroma (2006)
(Daft Punk's Electroma)
Elephants Dream (2006) (V)
Eliot and the Universal Constant (2006)
The Elk Hotel (2006)
En Teoría (2006)
Entity: Nine (2006)

Eureka (TV) (Can) (SF?) GO

Evangelion GO

Event 16 (2006)
Everlast (2006)
Everything But the Kitchen in Sync (2006)

Evil Behind You GO

Explode, Chapter Three: Power Struggle (2006)
Explode, Chapter Two: Into the Fold (2006)
Face Machine (2006)
Fallen (2006) (TV) (SF?)
Feeding Grounds (2006)
Fen (2006)
Fido (2006)
Final Days of Planet Earth (2006) (TV)

Final Move GO

Flapwing and the Last Work of Ezekiel Crumb (2006)

The Flash GO

Des Fleurs Pour Algernon (2006) (TV)

The Fly GO

For a List of WaysTechnology Has Failed to Improve Daily Life Please Press Three (2006)
For(r)est in the Des(s)ert (2006)

The Fountain (SF?) GO

Fractalus (2006)
Fracture (2006)

Frankie the Squirrel GO

Freaky Faron GO

Freedom Project (2006)

Full Metal Panic! Wari to Hima na Sentaichou no Ichi Nichi (Jap Anim OAV) GO
(Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVA) GO

Gadkie Lebedi (Russia) (SF?) GO
(Ugly Swans)

Gamera: Chiisaki yusha-tachi (2006)
(Gamera the Brave)
Gay Invaders... from the Future (2006)

GB: 2525 GO

The Gene Generation GO

Genesis (2006)
Genesis Antipode (2006)
George Lucas 0514 (2006)
(Gl 0514)

Get Pony Boy (SF?) GO

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (SF?) GO

Gin-iro No Kami No Agito (Jap) (Anim) GO

Gingerbreed (2006)

Godspeed GO

The Grandfather Paradox (2006)
The Great Misfortune of Charles Proctor (2006)
Green (2006)
Greg² (2006)
Grover's Mill (2006)
Guisi (2006)
Gwoemul (2006)
(The Host)
The Hard Ages: Trial Run (2006)

Harvester (SF?) GO

He-Man (Abandoned?) GO

The Head Shop (2006)
Helix (2006)
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (2006) (TV)

High Rise GO

Highlander: The Source GO

Highlander: Vengeance GO

Hollow Man 2 GO
(Hollow Man II (2006))

Homo Erectus GO

La Hora Fría (2006)
(The Cold Hour)
(The Dark Hour)

Horrors of War GO

The Host (S Kor) GO

Hunter's Moon GO

I.D. (SF?) GO

Idiocracy GO

I'll Believe You (2006)

The Incredible Shrinking Man (Pushed back to 2008) GO

Insex (2006)

Intergalactic Combat (UK) GO
(First Intergalactic Strike Team (US)) GO
(Team One)GO

Interrupción en el Continuo Espacio Tiempo (2006)
InZer0 (2006)
It Came from Beyond the Mountain (2006)
Jaane Hoga Kya (2006)
Jane and John (2006)

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2 (TV) GO
(The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide (2006))

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators! (2006) (TV)

John Carter of Mars GO

Johnny and the Bomb (2006) (TV)
(Terry Pratchett's Johnny and the Bomb)
Juela (2006)

Jurassic Park IV GO
(Jurassic Park IV: The Extinction) GO

Kambal: The Twins of Prophecy (2006) (TV)
Karl Bites (2006)

K.A.W. (TV) (SF?) GO

Keeper of the Myth (2006)

Kidou Senshi Gundam MS Igloo: Mokushiroku 0079 (Jap Anim OAV) GO
(Mobile Suit Gundam MS Igloo: Apocalypse 0079) GO

Kidô Senshi Gundam Seed C.E. 73: Stargazer (2006) (V)

Kidou Senshi Z Gundam III -Hoshi no Kodo wa Ai- (Jap Anim) GO
(Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation III -Love is the Pulse of the Stars-)GO

Killswitch (2006)
Kine (2006)
A Knight Lost (2006)

Knight Rider GO

Kôkaku Kidôtai: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society (2006)
(Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society)
(Kôkaku Kidôtai: S.A.C. - S.S.S.)

Koukaku Kidoutai S.A.C. 2nd Gig Individual Eleven (Jap Anim) GO
(Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C 2nd Gig Movie) GO
(GitS: S.A.C 2nd Gig Movie)GO

The Kovak Box (2006)
(La Caja Kovak)
Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (2006) (TV)

Krrish (India) (SF?) GO
(Koi... Tumsa Nahin)GO

Kurzzeithelden (Germ) (SF?) GO

The Last Guy on Earth GO

Leroy & Stitch (2006) (TV)
Das Leuchten (2006)
Lifted (2006)
Lightspeed (2006) (TV)
Line 59 (2006)
Linko Killer Machine (2006)
Litorra (2006)
Live Freaky Die Freaky (2006)
Living Legacy (2006) (TV)

Logan's Run GO

The Lords of Praxton (2006)
Love Off Air (2006) (V)
Loveproof (2006)
Machinations (2006)

Mad Max 4 (Austral-US) (Aband) GO
(Fury Road)GO
(Mad Max IV)GO

Magdalena's Brain (2006) (V)

Mainline (SF?) GO

Maklar, Anyone? (2006)

Mammoth (TV) GO

The Man from Hollywood (2006)
Man vs. Woman (2006)
Margaret's Son (2006)

Master of Space and Time GO

Masters of Sound (2006) (V)
A Matter of Diplomacy (2006)
Mechenosets (Russ) GO

(The Sword Bearer)

Meg GO

Meltdown (2006) (TV)
(Meltdown: Days of Destruction)

The Men Who Fell (SF?) GO

Meningen Med Alltihopa (2006)

Metroid (US-HK-Jap) GO

Mexican Hat (2006)
Microgravity (2006)
Milk Babies (2006)
Missing Pages (2006)

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition (Jap Anim OAV) GO

Mobile Suit Z Gundam 3: A New Translation - Love Is the Pulse of the Stars (Jap) GO

Model Man (2006)

Monster Mountain GO

The Monster of Phantom Lake (2006)
Mother (2006/II)
Mutations (2006)
My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)
The Nebula Dawn (2006)
Nia (2006)
Niedergang (2006)
Nihon Chinbotsu (2006)
(Japan Sinks)
(The Sinking of Japan)
Nihon Igai Zenbu Chinbotsu (2006)
(The World Sinks Except Japan)

Nippon Chinbotsu (Jap) (SF?) GO

Nocturne (2006/I)
Nos Amis les Terriens (2006)
(Our Earthmen Friends)
Oblivion (2006)
 Olalla, the Shortfilm (2006)
The Omnicide 8000 (2006)
Once Upon a Midnight Dreary II (2006) (V) (SF?)
One Free Hour (2006)
One Night in Portland (2006)
One Piece: Karakuri Shiro no Mecha Kyohei (2006)
Onion Underwater (2006)
Order of the Sith: Downfall (2006)
Out of State (2006)

Out/There (Den) (SF?) GO

Outlander (SF?) GO

Over the Edge (2006) (V)

Paani (Foriegn?) GO
(Water) GO

Pandemonium (2006)
Paprika (2006)

Paragraf 78 (Russ) (SF?) GO

Parallels (2006/I)

Parasyte GO

The Passage (2006/II)
Passion to the Max (2006)

Pattern Recognition GO

Perarasu (2006)
Perfect Creature (2006)
Phase 9 from Deep Space: Who Mourns for the Beast? (2006)
Photosonic (2006)

Pink_D (Jap) (SF?) GO

The Place (2006)
The Planet (2006) (V)
Plastic (2006)
Pocas Nueces (2006)

Point Thunder GO

The Portal (2006)
Prekrashchaem Vyzhivat (2006) (V)
(We Quit Surviving)
  A Price Too High (2006)
  Private Gold 82: Porn Wars - Episode 1 (2006) (V)
Private Gold 84: Porn Wars - Episode 3 (2006) (V)
  Project: Adam (2006)

Project Grey (Can) GO

  Prologue (2006)
  Proyecto Panorama (2006)
  Psycho Sheep of Butte (2006) (V)
  Psychon Invaders (2006) (V)
  Pulse (2006)

Push GO

Ram GO

Random Quest (2006) (TV)
Rantoon (2006) (V)

Razor's Edge (US-Rom) (SF?) GO
(John Doe)GO

Red (2006/I)

Renaissance (Franime) (SF?) GO

The Report (2006) (V)
Reptile Day (2006)
Reptilicant (2006)

Resident Evil: Afterlife (Austral-UK-US-Germ) (Pushed back to 2007 and renamed) GO

Resonnances (2006)
The Return of Dominick Deladoor (2006)
Return of Pink Five (2006) (V)
Return of the Rednecks (2006)
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)
Rocketboy (2006)
Samaritan (2006)
Sasquatch Mountain (2006)
Saul Goodman (2006)

Saurian (TV) GO

Savage Planet (2006) (TV)

A Scanner Darkly GO

scR.I.Pt (2006)
Scream Karl (2006)
The Sea of Perdition (2006)
Serum (2006)
She-Demons of the Black Sun (2006)
Shiruba Kamen (2006)
The Silent City (2006)
The Silver Rope (2006)

Simon (Can-US) (SF?) GO

Siphon GO

Sith'd (2006)
Slayer (2006) (TV)
Sledge (2006)

Slither GO

Some Kind of Justice (2006) (V)
Sound Machine (2006)

South of Hope Street (Switz) (SF?) GO

Southland Tales GO

Spaceboy (2006)
Spare Parts (2006)

Spectropia GO

Spiritual Warriors (2006)
S.S. Doomtrooper (2006) (TV)
Star Wars: Shortened! (2006) (TV)

Station 13 (UK) (SF?) GO

Succubus (2006)

Sunshine GO

Super Noypi (2006)
Superman II (2006)
(Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut)

Superman Returns (Austral-US) GO
Superman returns to Earth after a long absence.

The Swindlers of Doom GO

Tagged (2006)
Technocalyps (2006)

Tekken (Jap-US) GO

Tempbot (2006)

Terminator 4 (Pushed back to 2009) GO

A Texas Tale of Treason (2006)
Un Ticket Pour l'Espace (2006)
A Ticket to Space (2006)
TKKG und die Rätselhafte Mind-Machine (2006)
(TKKG - Das Geheimnis um die Rätselhafte Mind-Machine)
Transgressions (2006)
Tunnistamaton Lentävä Esine (2006)
UCF: Toronto Cybercide (2006) (V)
Ultimate Avengers (2006) (V)
(Ultimate Avengers: The Movie)
Ultimate Avengers II (2006) (V)
(Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther)

Ultraviolet GO
   A techo-vampire fights an evil religious government.

The Un-Gone (2006)
Une Famille Parfaite (2006) (TV)

Unidentified GO

The U.N.I.T Family: Part One (2006) (V)
Unknown Shores (2006)

Urchin (US) (SF?) GO

Uroboro (2006)
Urutoraman Mebiusu ando Urutora Kyôdai (2006)

V for Vendetta (US-Germ) GO
In a brutal totalitarian British future, a masked man tries to bring back hope.

Vend (2006)

Vernutsa Vovremya (Russ) (SF?) GO

The Vial (2006)
The Visitation (2006) (SF?)

The Visiting GO
(Invasion of the Body Snatchers) GO

Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday GO

Warriors of Terra (Can) GO

The Water Warriors GO

When Worlds Collide (Pushed back to 2008) GO

The Whore That Wouldn't Die (2006)
Wireless (2006)
Die Wolke (2006)

Wow! (Generation P) (Russia) (SF?) GO
(Babylen) GO

X-Men 3 GO
(X-Men: The Last Stand (2006))

Xenophobia (TV) GO

Year One (2006)

Yesterday Was a Lie GO

You-Matic/C-47 (2006)
Zero/Ones (2006)
Zoom (2006)
Zordax II: La Guerre du Métal (2006)
ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh (2006)