Ever since I discovered 2D films I have loved them. Although my friends thought I was a geek for watching them, I continued. I was raised on 3D and Virtual Reality (VR), and I really didn't know that hundreds of thousands of movies had been made in 2D. As I watched more and more, I realized that although I liked many comedies, romances, westerns, and dramas, my real love was Fantasy, and especially Science Fiction. Soon, I started collecting old books, magazines and other stuff. Reading Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Fred Saberhagen, Hal Clement and others while I sat in a dimly lit room was the height of my day, but it was when I read Edgar Rice Burroughs that I truly found what I was searching for. It reminded me so much of my homeworld and my dad, that I could be in those faraway lands of Pellucidar, Opar, and Barsoom in the blink of an eye.
I get that same feeling when I read Haggard or Howard, but noboby was like Burroughs.
When I first started watching films, I gave the benefit of the doubt to old films. I mean, it's not their fault for being bad if they were made a long time ago. Wrong. After watching The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, and War of the Worlds, I realized that any era could produce a great science fiction film. And a bad movie is a bad movie whenever it was made.